laser hair removal

I am in my early days of being an electrolygist.I have noticed when a client who has had induced growth fom LHR and come to do electrolysis have so much hair coming through week after week once they stop laser.I am aware that this is different cycles coming through but what i do not understand is how long do these cylces keep coming through and how do i explain to the client what they will expect to happen once they have stopped LHR and how long the cycles will keep coming through e.t.c. I have looked at all my text books and cannot find anything that covers electrolysis after LHR. Can anybody help explain what usually happens after induced growth LHR?

Maybe someone will have an answer for you… But…There probably have been no studies, and anecdotal reports have not been plentiful to give us an idea. Also, any books published recently only give us basic information about the various hair removal techniques, and not the science of hair follicle reactions…

Ok, maybe i have not asked this question clearly, i will try again.
If you had a client who has had induced hair from LHR on her cheeks and it has only been 4 weeks since she had LHR done, come to you for a consultation, how would you explain to the client on what to expect in regards to more growth how often will this client need to come in at the beginning of treatment e.t.c.

Explain the LHR has stimulated normally-dormant follicles and there will likely be continuous hair growth, despite your best efforts at electrolysis treatment. There is no way to know how many follicles or how much hair was stimulated, hence you cannot provide a reasonable estimate of what to expect. It may be most effective to recommend weekly visits rather than every three or four weeks.

Thats a tough one, the laser has 3 typical outcomes for the regrowth of hair. It can “stun” the follicles into dormancy with no effect on the later regrowth of hair. The hairs can return to normal in a couple weeks to a couple of months.

It also can induce growth and unfortunately this can be permanent. Most of the time it is vellus hair that has transformed into a terminal hair. Sometimes it can be a new hair from a previous dormant follicle.

In the best case (for laser), If the settings are ideal the follicles can be damaged to delay growth for several years. These hairs regrow very very fine and eventually can thicken back up throughout the decade.

Depending on how many laser sessions she had, what type of laser used and how effective the settings were: her laser regrowth may take several years to stop coming back in. This can be frustrating for you and the client since it can be harder to monitor the results of electrolysis. As long as she knows this, she may more patient and accepting of waiting for the electrolysis outcome.

The woman’s face is so sensitive to laser induced growth that I won’t touch their face (cheeks, chin, neck) with a laser anymore…unless they accept the fact that this is a possibility and are still determined to get it done…my bosses probably don’t like the fact I tell them this and turn clients away lol. Too bad! Nothing is more infuriating and depressing, then paying money to remove hair only to have it come back worse than ever.

Carebearhair i wish their were more technicians like you. Yes,I totally agree, nothing is more infurating and depressing. The majority of my clients have had induced hair from LHR.The explanations LHR technicians have given to the client with induced hair growth is bad. What is funny is i have several clients who had treatment from the same LHR technican and when the client has gone back to show the induced hair growth she always comes back with “i have never seen this happen before”. I would do the same as you, best interest of the client always comes first.

I agree with most of your post except this bit. If the hair is thick enough to absorb enough energy (if the settings are good) and therefore enough thermal damage is induced, the hair producing capability of that follicle is destroyed (same with the thermolysis method of electrolysis).

It’s only been about 2 years since the end of my Laser treatments, so I have a while to go before I can declare it truly permanent but I anticipate it will be. The areas have remained stable; clear in many areas with the fine hairs not becoming any thicker. There are some posters on these boards who have had continued success.

I do hope this is possible, since I have spent many painful hours getting laser done lol!

At one clinic I worked at the owner was an Electrologist who bought a laser (first a ruby then a diode) in the mid/late 90’s. When I was working there in the mid 2000’s there were a small growing number of previous early laser clients coming back for touch up treatment. Most had a span of 6-10 yrs of being hair free. Some said the hair all of a sudden came back with a bang and others said it was gradual over a couple of years. Just a note that most of these returns were underarms.

Some of the regrowth looked as if it was never treated with a laser. Everyone that came back were happy with the several years of clearance even tho laser prices were crazy high in the 90’s!

My legs have been clear (except only in the sunlight can I see extremely fine translucent hairs), but I do notice a “normal” looking hair pops up once in awhile. I finished my legs in 2007 with a diode laser. It was the best thing ever, since my legs were like a walking bikini!!!

I am wondering if there may be hormonal triggers such as pregnancy.

I can definitely expect that the fine hairs may thicken up due to hormonal changes.

The normal looking ones that pop up now and again correspond to hair cycles which contain some missed hairs.