Laser Hair Removal


23 year old white male from UK. Been covered in thick black hair for as long as I can remember. Pretty much full body coverage and have spent hours shaving/ epilating. Recently given up on this as cannot sustain it for such temporary results.

Been looking at the possibilty of getting LHT and realise there are many possibilities and options available. I have booked several consultations with various centres in the UK over the coming weeks.

I have relatively pale skin with black hair (see pics) and understand this to be best? I am worried about the possiblity of spending thousands without the results though. I am hoping to eventually get buttocks/back/shoulders/upper arms/chest/stomach done. Would it be possible to get all this done at the same time?

Was wondering what laser would be best? Unsure about how much of the soprano xl is just promotion talk. Any help appreciated.





I can’t see the actual hairs clearly but it seems that they may be too fine for Laser.

Areas where it is really not a good idea to treat unless the hair is coarse, because of the risk of induced growth, are the shoulders, upper arm and upper back.

You could treat the coarse hair areas with laser and then switch to electrolysis to clean up.

Here is a recent thread of a guy in the same predicament as you, it may be worth reading through:

This is an excellent example of electrolysis:

Thanks for your help.

Yeah the pics are poor and the hair is probably thicker and courser than it shows. From what ive read I think they should be suitable for laser.

I would say im in a similar position to that guy but with white skin. Sounds like the best option is what you suggest then. Electrolysis after laser to remove the course hairs.

Il have a proper read of those threads. Still sounds like a bit of a risk to have LHT for virtually whole upper body then.

  • You have coarse hair, but it’s not dense on many areas. I would only recommend treating patches of dense coarse growth to avoid stimulating more hair in areas with finer and more sparse growth.

  • Please read the FAQs below. We explain what lasers are best. Soprano doesn’t get good reviews here. It’s probably in part due to the fact that many clinics bought it, but don’t know how to use it. Either way, you look pale enough for an alexandrite machine, which is more effective at good settings.

  • Settings are very important. I would recommend you read through posts by other posters from the UK here and schedule consultations based on their recommendations and at clinics where you know they have a good machine.

  • You can get everything treated at once, but we don’t recommend that. We recommend starting with one smaller area and seeing how things go. Once you see results and can confirm that the clinic you chose is good, you can add other areas and invest more money.

  • Upper arms, shoulders and upper back are hard to treat. They tend to experience induced growth. Be very careful treating these areas - don’t touch any fine hair if possible to avoid inducing more growth.

  • You will need to finish up with electrolysis. You can get rid of 95%+ of coarse dense growth, but there will always be finer hairs remaining. Those would need electrolysis. Also, areas where hair is fine and sparse to begin with need electrolysis from the start.

  • I’d start with the chest area since it’s easy to treat.