I need some information from anyone who can help with my situation. I have hair on my back, shoulders, etc. I went to a laser center where they used the ruby laser. I went for over a year, totaling 5 treatments. However, the treatments were unsuccessful, as the hair kept coming back. Shortly thereafter, I tried a new laser, namely, the coolglide. After almost 2 years of treatment, I have had minimial success. At this point, I do not want to give up, however, I want to choose a method that will ultimately work. I have olive skin, dark hair, tan very easily, etc. I have considered IPL, however, I have seen conflicting stories about this method. What about Lightsheer or any other method? Please offer me some advice. I want to make a well informed decision before investing any more time and money. Thanks.

WHere on your body do you wish to get hair removal? what does the hair look like.

I highly suggest Lightshear over IPL.
Just my opinion…
I have hair in same places as you but I have light skin & dark hair.

I was on the verge of getting treated with the Coolglide myself, so to hear about your lack of success with it is a bit of a worry…

Do you know what settings they used for you?

i agree w/ cuzn, lightsheer diode is the way to go for maximum effectiveness from all i’ve read. i’m doing it now, happy w/ it.

The settings used were at 60. How are your results going with the lightsheer diode?