Laser Hair removal



I want to get laser hair removal but i am concerned about spending my hard earned money(3000.00) on a procedure that is maybe not going to remove my hair for good… I am light skinned and have dark hair and i want to get my back and shoulders done, is there anyone who has had 5 treatments or more and has had no hair grow back since they had thier last treatment (like how many years has anyone stayed smooth) with laser treatment. what is the point of spending major cash on a new technology like laser when it has not even been proven yet ?

2nd issue- i want to wait a few years to see if any new technology (like new lasers etc…) come out. I am worried about getting treatment now and then a few years later something better comes out and we all have wasted our money on inferior lasers… does anyone else feel this way ?

3rd issue- I have mild to moderate acne on my back , should i still get laser ?(advanced laser clinic said it should not be a problem) but i want more opinions from you guys… will laser make my back acne worse or better ? they said it may even help it !!! who knows…

4th issue- is the lightsheer XC a good laser ?

thank you for the reply’s and sorry for the book



Well, try to find a good practitioner. Try to find as much information as you can.

Do not listen to those who say “Laser won’t work at all,” “all hair grow out after laser treatment.” Those are simply untrue. There are also information that electrolysis won’t work.
Laser is classified as “permanent hair reduction,” with repeated treatments in suitable intervals, “permanent hair removal” can be achieved.

From my personal “been there” experience, there are still a number of advantages of Laser over electrolysis. In short, neither Laser nor electrolysis is cheap; neither is painfree.
(I personally found electrolysis is more expensive than Laser.)


I have seen a ninety percent reduction after two and half years of treatment on my back, chest and abs. My last treatment was four weeks ago, but I went untreated for six months before that. Read my post titled “My Experience.”

Doctors and practitioners I’ve spoken with don’t expect any technological breakthroughs in the next few years. The new equipment, they say, will be faster but the science will remain the same.

The laser helped clear my acne, but I don’t know if this is typical.