Laser Hair Removal?


I am a 32 year old white female with facial hair. I currently wax my entire face every 3 to 4 weeks. On the side of my face I have what I feel long white hair with occasional black course hair that I constantly have to pluck. I hate it and it has become a real problem for me. I want smooth soft skin like every other woman. Do you think maybe laser might help me? I have fair skin that tans nicely…med brown hair with light brown eyes. I get really upset when my boyfriend wants to touch my face. I know he can feel the hair and I am sure it’s not to attractive to him. Please help me, I am at the end of my ropes. Waxing causes me to break out and within a couple days I feel the hair growing back. The white hair that I do have on the sides of my face feels course… I have called some laser clinics and they claim they can only get rid of dark course hair, then I called another one and they said they have the latest laser that claims to get rid of white hair too. I got really excited, but now my dermatologist said becareful cause if they are technicians they could possibly create scaring. So now I am depressed again and don’t really know what to do…any advice sure would be helpful



Lasers do not cause permanent result on white hairs. Some practitioners claim a dark lotion rubbed into the skin can work with white hairs, but this is not clinically proven.

Electrolysis is currently the only effective option for permanent removal of white, blonde and gray hairs.