laser hair removal

hi: i am new here, i wanted to know if anyone knows if you have to be licsensed to buy a laser hair removal machine. and about how much do they cost. my friend wants to open a salon in Mexico and wanted some feedback.

In many US states, anyone can buy one, but not everyone can operate one. Your friend should contact the Mexican government office which regulates medical devices for answers.

Hi Andrea,

I’ve never used a internet bulletin board before so this is not really a reply to the last comment but it is regarding laser hair removal. I’ve had laser removal done with a reputable machine and the results are not at all permanent (I am Indian so I think my skin color has a lot to do with it b/c it limits the jouls of energy) however the hair growth is definately delayed so my skin is hair free for at least a month or so. I was pretty upset at first but now my payments per treatment are pretty low so its ok.

To get to the point. I am dissapointed and surprised that laser hair removal companies are not looking to create affordable machines for consumers. I understand that professionals are trained and familar with the energy going to the follicle etc…but it really doesn’t seem that complicated. Especially with new flashlamp hair removal that has a large spot size. So far I have found the only laser hair removal system cleared for in home use is SpaTouch by radiancy however you essentially need a perscription for it and a machine is not cheap. I was wondering how we can pressure laser companies to create afordable machines for all. I feel like professionals are charging ridiculous amounts of money for something that is or could be relatively easy for everyone can do. I mean if people can buy inhome needle electrolysis, I think laser is relatively much less risky. I wonder what your thought are on this. Also, what have you heard about the effectiveness of SpaTouch.

One more thing (sorry this is getting long) I am satisfied with using lasers just to prolong the return of hair growth…so for myself, and I believe a lot of other people, they would just be happy to use a removal system monthly or bimonthly as long as you don’t have to wait for hair to grow out like waxing or you don’t have stuble. Thats why I think lasers would be ideal for home use even if they are not permanent. Bottom line…I definately think there is a market out there.

Thanks for all your help and hard work!