After trying every product available… from waxing, to depilatories, shaving, nads, creams, tweezing…everything… I decided to spend my money on a more permanent solution to my embarassing hair problem. I have very light skin, and very dark hair. I was told that this is the perfect combination for laser hair removal. After researching and getting price quotes, I made an appoinment with a doctor in a medical group, and had my first treatment. Without opting for the topical anesthetic, it was slightly painful, but it only lasted during my 10 min session.

The doctor had me lay down on the table, and began quickly, without moving my legs at all. I thought this was strange, because for the years that I’ve been waxing, I’ve always had to move into strange positions for best results. This doctor didn’t move my les really at all. Rather he just stuck the laser in between and zapped me… so … as you can imagine… he missed a few spots. Maybe he’s not very experienced, but most women I would think, would not be satisfied with this sloppy job.

Also, he told me that the dead hair would fall off when I take a shower. I went straight home and did as I was told. Most of the hair is still attached. It is dead, but it is still there. It’s very uncomfortable, and to be honest, it looks like I had a blowtorch passed along my bikini line. The redness is gone, but the burnt hair remains. I debated using a depilatory this morning just so I could bare going to work… but decided not to because I am not sure if it would be safe, or if it will mess up timing for my next treatment.

I apologize to anyone reading this for it’s length, but I’m so uncomfortable, and just want to hear what people have to say about my situation.

Thanks in advance for any advise or words of wisdom.

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Don’t do anything but let your skin heal!
If you had done that, you would have sustained a chemical burn out of this world! :eek: