Laser Hair Removal Woes

This is my first post - after much reading I have decided to post about my experiences. I have suffered from dark facial hair my whole life, but have always threaded and bleached. Recently my side burns and chin have really bothered me. Even though I was bleaching, the blonde hair on my tan skin made me insecure. I decided to finally try laser. I went to a clinic here in Dubai called Kaya Skin Clinic and had 6 sessions (every 6 weeks) on my lower face which included complete chin, underneath my chin and sideburns. They used the ND.yag laser for me. After the first 3 sessions, I was very happy and noticed a huge difference. During the last 3 sessions I noticed more hair was growing in especially under my chin. These hairs were longer and thicker, and all of a sudden I started getting bad acne as well in the same areas that i never had before! I did see a tiny reduction in some areas, maybe 15-20%. By the 6th session - the doctor on hand said go check your hormones. I went to go get a blood test and everything was normal. He then came back to me and said “oh maybe this laser didn’t suit you.” I was quite angry, he said there was nothing we could do and I left. A friend recommended me to try Sopranos as she had really good results. So yesterday I went for one session. The lady seemed to oversell it and I explained to her how I didn’t want to be dissappointed again. She said trust me this will work on you. So I had her do one session. It wasn’t as painless as everyone as said. Now I am paranoid this won’t work either and I will have to go back to threading and bleaching. Can anyone share some insight?

Thank you

Laser hair removal did the same to me as well as many others on this forum. It can be a good temporary fix if you want to keep spending the money every six weeks and your hair is dark enough to absorb the laser. I’ve read of some people going this route for up to ten years!

Some people combine vaniqa and laser hair removal. Some people only use vaniqa with some success – both routes of which are very expensive. The one thing I can tell you for sure, based on my own experience and research, in cases of laser induced hair growth, laser hair removal won’t improve the problem, but it will help to temporarily mask the issue.

The next best option I would suggest is to find a really good electrologist to help tackle the problem. It is long, time consuming, and expensive as well, but should get you where you want to be in the long run. The hardest part can be finding a good electrologist! Be careful and do your research, otherwise you may be spending a lot of money for hairs not being properly treated and/or lasting skin damage.

On another note, it would be a good idea to look further into your hormone levels. A saliva test would be better to get a more accurate picture of what is going on with your body. Also do some more research on hormonal disorders and what can cause excessive hair growth (a.k.a. hirsutism). I’m sure you will get a lot more replies that will help you along and I hope that you will find some luck on your journey!

There’s not much to add to chewie’s post. I second her points on further Laser not being effective for Laser induced growth and electrolysis being your best (and only) option.

It’s not true that the Soprano with work where the YAG failed. It’s generally considered inferior to Alexandrite and Nd:Yag lasers.

Not everyone experiences Laser induced growth. Which is why Soprano may have worked for your friend - so YAG would have worked for her as well. Although a question to ask is, has she actually stopped for at 6 months after her last treatment before claiming to have ‘really good results’? I have heard so many women say they having good facial hair removal results with laser only to find out that they are still undergoing treatments. Usually with a 4-6 week interval, so they’ve never actually judged whether it’s giving them permanent results or if it’s just shedding.

thanks for the replies everyone. I even did electrolysis for 3 months, once a week. I know that’s not a lot, but it was focused on a small patch and that also all grew back. Does anyone know why there is induced growth? I thought it would have been from the shaving? She did soprano on her legs so obviously it’s quite a different result.

As for me - now I am worried that the shaving will induce more growth! I am going to see my progress with the soprano over the next 4 weeks and if I see induced growth again - if it’s the same as it was with the Nd: Yag I think I will just have to go back to threading which seems like a better option.

It’s unlikely that it’s from the shaving. The heat generated by the Laser seems to stimulate follicles in hormonally sensitive areas.

Electrolysis works!
Like chewie says, you need to do your research. There could be a myriad of reasons why it didn’t work, to do with poor technique or even if the client interferes with treatment (by plucking, waxing shaving). Unless we quizzed you, it would be difficult to find out why exactly. Find a good electrologist and your problems will be solved.

Hair grows in cycles so one treatment and waiting four weeks would not be enough to examine whether you are getting further induced growth OR if this Laser is helping what you have already experienced.

Here is my sister’s electrolysis diary which shows what a skilled electrologist can do:
Skipped straight to the results of the first treatment. You can continue reading for the second treatment pics. The method employed was similar to Laser. The area was cleared of nearly all hairs and left alone for some months before the next treatment. Going weekly (or every few weeks) works just as well if the electrologist cannot do long sessions - this is how I had my upper lip and other areas treated with my local electrologist.

Just to update - I stopped all laser hair removal on my face after wasting thousands of dollars. I thread my chin and wax my side burns and I will stick with that. It was a huge waste of money and ruined my skin. I am quite happy with laser on my lower legs though, but I would never try it on my face again!

Laser on a female face is rarely a good idea because most women’s hair on that area is not coarse enough foe laser. Laser ONLY works on dark COARSE DENSE growth. Please read the FAQs below.

If you want permanent removal on your face, please consider electrolysis. This is the only method that will remove finer growth.

Leave laser for areas like bikini, underarms and legs which have coarse growth.