Laser hair removal with Alexandrite - why does hair grow back?


I have had many laser treatments already (3) and my hair keeps on growing back after three months. I am going broke and the hairs are still there, coming back anyway!
I have also tried electrolysis, with a good electrologist, and the hairs keep on coming back!
I don’t have any hormonal imbalance nor PCOs, nor am super hairy, I do am hairy, but not horribly hairy neither.
Why is that? I am so depressed about it!
I have made other questions here, but got no answers, I hope I didn’t offend anyone? I am really looking forward to inputs on all of those topics I posted about.


Hi Elenacam-- both laser and electrolysis require many treatments for complete hair removal in an area. You will see regrowth, and if the practitioner is not good, you will not see a permanent result.

Both methods take patience, which unfortunately takes money. you need to commit to a course of treatments, but it’s essential that you go to someone really good, or that commitment will be a waste of time and money.