Laser hair removal...WATCH OUT!

My mom did laser hair removal on her legs, and it damaged her nerves. I guess the laser penetrated further into her legs than it was supposed to. The doctors can’t really do anything about it. They say there is a 50% chance they will heal themselves. Now her legs hurt her all the time. She hasn’t even been able to drive because it puts too much pressure on her lower legs. She has been wearing support hose; this seems to help a little bit. Supposedly there was a show on The Learning Channel, or Discovery Channel about 8 months ago where the same thing happened to another lady. We are trying to find a copy of this show so we might find out more about this. If anyone knows anything please let me know! In the meantime, please think twice about getting laser hair removal!!!

Sorry to hear about your mom’s ordeal with Laser hair removal. Sounds like she is suffering alot. I hope her legs heal. Do you know what kind of Laser was used on her and how many treatments she had? Or if a patch test was done? I have been having laser done on my face area and I have had no adverse reactions at all (thank goodness). I think when this happens, it is operator error of some kind. It is REALLY important that you find someone that is qualified and understands your limitations. Hope your mom feels better. Take care.

Thanks for your concern. They used a light sheer laser on my mom, and she didnt have a patch test first. I’m pretty sure she did her research first but this still happened to her. I guess it is rare to have nerve damage from this, it must have been operator error. We are still trying to find out more about it and if this has happened to anyone else, how they recovered, etc.

I was shocked when i read that…
Is it because she has dark hair so they needed to adjust the settings to high? That may be the case.

A lot of dark hair, actually, requires lower settings. The darker the hair, the more it will attract laser energy, therefore you need less energy.

Anyhow, your mom should get a good lawyer and sue for many milions of dollars. Not only she’ll be making money, but also she may be saving numerous others from this trouble.

I dont really know how high the settings were. We still dont know exactly what caused this. Laser hair removal sounded like a good idea to me! I would love not having to shave. But now i’m definitely not going to do it now.
yeah, i think she is going to sue. It is still hurting her. She hasn’t even been able to drive because of the pressure it puts on her legs. So being a realtor, she hasn’t been able to work much at all.