laser hair removal stimulating hair growth??

I had fine pigmented vellus hair on my face, I have pretty fair skin, and dark hair, I noticed that after the third treatment the hair grew back thicker, considerably than before. I consulted with the tech today and she said that this can be taken care of we just need to crank up the joules. She used a YAG 1024, and 50 joules. Will it work? She said what I am looking at might just take 8 treatments to take care of. I am scared cause I notice thicker hair, and I cannot afford for it to get thicker I’ll look like a man.

The hair may be more coarse now, but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily coarse enough for laser still.

Joules don’t mean much without knowing the spot size and pulse width used.

pulse width i think was 15 m/s i don’t know about spot size. what do you suggest after this? do I continue until it goes away. i’m scared of it. the tech says to continue with the treatment she won’t admit that it is laser induced. she says continue with treatment and it will go away.

I doubt the hair is coarse enough. I have yet to see laser stimulated hair that becomes coarse enough for laser. For laser, hair needs to be coarse like your underarm or bikini hair.

I would recommend to go with electrolysis. This is likely to be a big waste of money.

If you get thicker or thinner hair, the only thing left for you to do that is permanent, is to get electrolysis. I know you think electrolysis scary and is not an option, but many people have successfully completed electrolysis and are living life with no worries about facial hair.

I don’t think it is possible to tell you what the outcome will be. Your laser specialist could be right. If she is not right, then what I am saying is, you have a net to fall into - electrolysis. If you have no skilled, modern electrologist where you live, then that’s not helpful.