Laser hair removal prices


Due to a lot of reader requests about pricing, I’ve gathered some examples so you can get a ballpark figure. Treatment with laser is usually done by body area. Below are a few sample price lists from clinics in the US and Canada.

NOTE: Prices are for examples only. Hairfacts has no connection with the clinics listed and makes no claims about the quality of their services.

From (Midtown Manhattan in New York- upscale)

Area: Cost per treatment
Lip: $105
Chin: $140
Under arms: $210
Hands or Feet: $140
Breast: $175
Sideburns: $140
Bikini: $210 and up
Brazilian Bikini: $350
Chest: $350
Abdomen: $280
Shoulders: $280
Neck: $210
Upper Back: $420
Lower Back: $280
Thighs: $420
Lower Leg: $350
Neck: $175
Throat: $175
Upperarms: $245
Forearms: $280
Buttocks: $280

From (upscale Washington DC suburb)

“The price includes one full year of treatments per services purchased up to 6 treatments.
Minimum fee for touch-up office visit is $100.
Consultation fee is $50, which would be applied to cost of treatment.
Test spot fee is $100 - $150 total.”

for Women
Area: Once/Year of treatment
Abdomen: $400/$1,400
Arms (each): $700/$2,400
Back (per quarter): $500/$1,700
Bikini Line: $400/$1,400
Bikini w/upper (1/2) thigh: $600/$1,900
Breast/Cleavage: $500/$1,700
Chin: $275/$900
Eyebrows: $250/$860
Full Legs w/bikini: $2,500/$4,500
Glabella area: $250/$860
Hands: $400/$1,400
Inner Thigh: $200/$675
Lower Legs (each): $800/$2,800
Neck: $375/$1,300
Sideburns: $275/$900
Thighs (each): $800/$2,800
Toes and Feet: $250/$860
Underarms (both): $500/$1,700
Upper Lip: $275/$900

for Men
Area: Once/Fullr year
Abdomen: $800 $3,000
Back/Chest/Shoulders: (per quarter) $800 $3,000
Back of Neck: $400 $1,400
Forearms: (each) $600 $2,000
Full Arms: $1,000/$3,500
Full Beard: $1,000/$3,500
Glabella area $250 $860
Hands $500 $1,600
Neck $500 $1,700
Side Burns $350 $1,200
Thighs (each) $900 $2,900
Toes and Feet $250 $850

From (rural Oklahoma):

Area: Package of 3/Touchups
Cheeks: $400.00/$75.00
Upper Lip: $400.00/$75.00
Chin: $400.00/$75.00
Upper Lip, Chin and Cheeks: $575.00/$100.00
Neck (Collar Area): $575.00/$100.00
Neck (Front): $575.00/$100.00
Under Arms: $575.00/$100.00
Bikini Line: $575.00/$100.00
Legs: $2000.00

From (Canada)

NOTE: The prices below are in Canadian dollars (CDN)

Area (Time per Session): Once/Pkg. of 8
Upper Lip (10 min): CDN$75 CDN$500
Lower Lip (5 min): CDN$37 CDN$250
Chin (10 min): CDN$75 CDN$500
Neck (15 min): CDN$90 CDN$600
Chin & Neck (20 min): CDN$120 CDN$800
Ears (10 min): CDN$37 CDN$250
Nose (5 min): CDN$37 CDN$250
Sideburns (15 min): CDN$150 CDN$1,000
Full Face (60 min): CDN$420 CDN$2,800
Upper Arms (25 min): CDN$180 CDN$1,200
Lower Arms (25 min): CDN$225 CDN$1,500
Full Arms (45 min): CDN$375 CDN$2,500
Under Arms (15 min): CDN$120 CDN$800
Areolae/Nipples (10 min): CDN$37 CDN$250
Tummy (10 min): CDN$90 CDN$600
Full Legs (80 min): CDN$675 CDN$4,500
Half Legs (40 min): CDN$375 CDN$2,500
Bikini Line-bikini contour 3 cm (15 min): CDN$142 CDN$950
Back-small area (30 min): CDN$300 CDN$2,000
Back-large area (45 min): CDN$450 CDN$3,000
Shoulders (15 min): CDN$120 CDN$800
Chest-small area (30 min): CDN$300 CDN$2,000
Chest-large area (45 min): CDN$525 CDN$3,500

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That place in DC seemed rather expensive. All I have to say is that I was getting a hell of a deal before the rate increase after my practitioner bought the Lightsheer laser. I even squeezed in a few Lightsheer treatments before the rate increase.

The initial cost for getting my chest, shoulders, back, and upper arms done was only $1400. That included two treatments for each area. Follow up treatments for each area were about 50% of the cost of the previous treatment. This year each treatment was about $55-60 for an hour long session. With the new rate increase the minimum treatment cost will be about $100.

It was good while it lasted. Fortunately, I do not anticipate needing many more treatments but I do want all the hair gone if possible. I may try electrolysis on my chest and it is only $60 per hour. I have tweezed a few stray hairs and noticed on some of them that that part of the hair below the surface of the skin is very light. Electrolysis may be the way to go in that case.



Prices vary widely by location, the type of practitioner (dr. vs. salon), as well as by reputation of the practitioner. Add to that variability in amount of hair per consumers and different rates of effectiveness, and you get a sense of how hard it is to predict a price.

As I’ve said, Unless you are an ideal candidate with light skin and dark hair, I would put practitioner skill far above price. It’s worth the extra money to reduce the chances of side effects and to increase the effectiveness rates. Even those with light skin and dark hair should focus on finding a practitioner recommended by someone who is done and happy.


Andrea, you mentioned
I’m now looking for a clinic in NYC.
Do you think that one seems to be a good one with a good laser ?


Teen, I do not endorse specific practices. The information from was presented as an example and not an endorsement of their skills.

The fact that the people are willing to put their prices up online makes them a bit more attractive if I were doing research, though. I hate these places that act like their prices are some big secret. Pretty shady if you ask me.