hello i had my consoltation about 2 weeks ago…i was pretty tanned back then…the lady did a test patch on my arm and i must say wow…i would say around 80% of the area treated the hair fell out…from what i read and have been told i believe that if i stay away from the sun and get ligher (skin) i should achieve even better results is that so??? also i hava a couple questions…i am getting my whole arms and back treated i don’t have thick hair but its dark…so how many treatments will i need…i also have a light skin colour when not tanned…also the hair that fell out how much of it will grow back???
let me know asap thanks!!!


What laser were you treated with? Did you have any burning or redness with the test patch? If not, it almost sounds like you’ve been treated with a Nd:YAG laser like a Coolglide or Sciton. There are other YAG lasers but I don’t recall the names right now.



Hi laserboy–

It’s very difficult to predict total treatments needed or response rate. It sounds like you responded very well to the test, but it’s still too soon to say if the result will be permanent.

Usually you’ll need six to eight treatments to get a sense of the results you might expect. Many who respond well can get by with touchups after that.


Hello I don’t know what kind of laser i was treated with…but i know that b4 the treatment she applied like this thin lawyer of gel (wouldn’t that reduce the effectivnes??), it was supposed to cool down the skin. My skin was redish after but not for long since she used a lower intensity since i was tanned…she said when she will actually do the treatment she would go higher…PLEASE THE HAIRS THAT FELL OUT ARE THEY GOING TO GROW BACK???AND HOW MANY TREATMENTS DOES IT USUALLY TAKE TO KILL THE HAIR THANKS!


I prepaid 4 treatments…the cost is 1500USD for full arms,neck, shoulders, full back and lower back…that is a pretty good deal isn’t it…also do you think in my case that 4 treatments would be enough to see noticable results??? thanks


Some of the hairs will grow back and some will not, it depends on if they were in the early growth stage or not. The hairs that grow back will be targeted in a later treatment. This is why it takes multiple treatments.

You will see results after 4 treatments.

No, applying the gel will not reduce effectiveness. It prevents you from getting burned and will prevent or reduce scabbing.



hey thanks…thats some good news…i can’t wait to get rid of this hair…i hateeeeeee it…also does it take more treatments on thicker dark hair then thinner ones??? because eventually i want to do my chest as well…and its much thicker…let me know thanks guys!


Hello laserboy,

       I had 8 treatments on my back,shoulders, upperarms using the gentlelase at the highest settings. I have maybe a 25% reduction after 4 months. I was told i would have 90% permanent reduction when i started after 6-8 treatments, that was a big lie.  The FDA should have cleared lasers for TEMPORARY HAIR REDUCTION.


Lasers work better on coarse hair than on fine hair. I have had my chest done with excellent results. When I started my chest hair was so thick I could hardly see my skin if I let it grow out. Now about 90 to 95% of my chest hair is gone. Most of the hair that’s left is light colored and I will have electrolysis done on that. There’s not much left so electrolysis is a good option now.

I had noticeable results after two treatments. I have had 8 or 9 treatments to get to this point and am very happy. As you get more treatments the remaining hair is finer so it is harder to treat. I found the Lightsheer diode laser to work better on fine hair than the Apogee alexandrite.

Rcrules, what fluence were you treated at? I have heard the Gentlelase is not as good as the Apogee. Maybe you would have better results with a diode laser like the Lightsheer. Four months may not be enough time to judge the effectiveness of laser treatements.



HEY you had 8 treatments in 4 months??? aren’t you supposed to wait like 4-6 weeks between each treatment…also when you had your first treatment…did a lot of the hair fall out???..because when i had my sample area done most of the hair fell out…and i am told that not a lot of it will grow back…so i guess its working well for me…for some people the hair doesn’t even fall out after the 1st treatment…so i guess i am lucky or maybe the right person for laser hair removal…also they told me at the clinic…that by the 8 th treament most of my hair will be gone and if not…they will charge me 5% of the regular cost for the treatment…


hey man that is good news…well my chest hair is not as dense as yours i guess…i mean its dark, all my body hair is dark almost black…which is good i heard for the laser…but if your hair is thiner doesn’r it require less treatments since its thinner and easier to kill the root???..well i am having my 1st treatment in like 2-3 weeks…so i will see how that goes…i hope it really works as well as it has been …


My practitioner recommends waiting 4-8 weeks between treatmenst for a given area. Treating an area sooner than that is a waste of time. You need to wait to see the regrowth patterns. When I have a treatment it takes 1-2 months for regrowth to appear and it levels off after that.