Laser Hair Removal - pain

Hi everyone,

I found this forum as a result of my first treatment of LHR on my legs.

Let me tell you that I found this painful. It’s been just under 24 hours and my legs still burn slightly and I am so scared that I may scare as a result. My legs are extremely patchy red almost everywhere I had the treatment.

Has anyone else suffered from the same thing? Any feedback would be appreciated, especially those who have suffered from the same reaction.

LHR No More!

Mostly anyone who has undergone treatment with any type of LHR can attest to this post-treatment situation. I never really applied anything to the area after treatment; just kept it clean by washing with regular soap in the shower.

The nasty appearance typically persisted for several days and by the fourth or fifth you couldn’t tell anything happened.

thanks for your comments, makes me feel better.

Looking at it again, the best way I can describe it, is it looks like carpet burn. The concern is more to do with if it will scar.

most likely this is just a normal post-effect of laser. you should only be concerned if it doesn’t go away within 2-3 days. then, you might want to have your clinic look at it to see if you haven’t been burned.

do you know what laser was used on you? what settings (joules and spot size)? what is your skin and hair color combination?

Not sure, it’s laser, similar to IPL.

Unfortunately it’s day 5 now and i still have redness and burning. Been told it will take about 1-2 months to heal - hopefully no scaring.

I have medium colour skin, dark hair. The clinic said that they used the correct settings for my skin type. She pressed quite hard with the head of the laser, I wonder if this affected me with the burning.

Everyone - just a warning if you are interested in Laser. Do as much research on the clinic as possible, ask friends and colleagues if they have heard anything about the clinic. Also, ask industry professionals if they have any recommendations for clinics.

I have since found out that the clinic that I had gone to for treatment has a terrible reputation for burning clients. I actually found this out directly through a Rep that use to work for the clinic.

If they have a history of burning people and told you it would take a month for your post-treatment effects to subside, I’d be finding somewhere else to go.