Laser Hair Removal Pain

I recently went for my first treatment of laser hair removal for underarms and bikini. I was shocked by how painful it was! I have always been told that I have a high pain tolerance, but this really hurt. I have light skin and dark corse hair, so the tech told me that it could hurt some, but I am not sure if I can even return in 8 weeks! Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this much pain? Please help, I really would like to finish my treatments, but wonder if I need to go somewhere else.

I think does sound a bit off. I was treated with the ND: Yag and there no pain. I was alarmed by the fact that there was very little pain, but when I talked to others who had the treatment done they said they too felt discomfort but not pain. Do you know what kind of laser was used?

I recently had several areas done. The ‘bikini’ was truly excruciating. I was allowed to use topical anesthetics, I don’t think it worked. It was so painful I’d say I’d need general anesthesia! I can tolerate pain well also. At one point it irritated a large nerve going down my thigh, a new kind of pain.

I too wonder how I’ll deal next time.
Maybe I can take some strong oral painkillers beforehand.
I don’t know if leaving an icebag on your self until treated would help.

Still, I’ll go back until results are achieved. I’m glad laser hair removal is available for pubic hair. The pain is worth not messing with or being embarrassed by spots missed by shaving.
In addition to reduced hair I’ve noticed that the areas treated no longer have odor or sweat so much. A nasty spider vein was also blown out in the process, but it’s coming back. For a week or so there was no hair, it’s been weeks and there isn’t as much.

Gosh I know what you mean. I’m having my entire face done and it definately hurt. On tv it’s advertised as being a relatively painless procedure but I think it’s definately the opposite of that. And apparently I have a pretty high pain tolerance level as well so go figure =/

My first experience (Tuesday) was also pretty darn painful! I started on the GentleLase, but the coolant ran out half way through so they switched me to Apogee Elite which used really cold air. That was a little better but it felt like the air was above the mark and sometimes I felt nothing and sometimes I felt a lot. Right after I thought, “I don’t want to go back!” But I, too, am going to try one of those topical creams…that and maybe a horse tranqualizer…lol! As they say, “no pain, on gain!”

On Friday 8/27 I had my fourth treatment on the face, and entire bikinni. So far it has been worse on some treatments and not so bad at others. The first one was a deep burning as though being hit by rubber bands for a few seconds, the second time was not as bad, and third time a lot less painful. Now this fourth time was so painful, I am not sure if it was because I shaved that day, or what. I am hoping that it gets less painful soon! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> So far I have not used anything to alleviate the pain during the treatments.

Sorry I have not checked back in lately! Things have been crazy. Thanks for all of the feedback. At least now I know i am not the only one that had so much pain with the laser process. It has been several weeks and I have very little hair and am loving it! I am trying to decide if I can bear the pain for another treatment. I may try a topical too and see how that goes. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi I have had 3 treatments and have applied Lasercaine topical 2 hours before each treatment. It helps a lot and I can’t imagine having a treatment without the topical. The discomfort is definately bearable with the topical and I strongly recommend you use it.

I know I’m reviving an old post but I’m new here. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I had read somewhere to avoid caffeine for 24 hours prior to treatment. The tech at the clinic I went to said it was practically a requirement (though the guy who set my appointment didn’t bother to tell me)… did you guys who experienced a lot of pain avoid caffeine? The pain to me with GentleLase was similar to tweezing.

I’ve had 3 treatments so far with a Nd-YAG CoolGlide laser. The clinic doesn’t use any anaesthetics or painkillers - it just cools the area with an icepack prior to treatment. Yes, it hurts - but it’s tolerable.

The good news is, it seems to hurt less and less each time, which makes sense as with each treatment there’s less hair to absorb the laser and heat up.

Hmmm you know I dont remember being told anything about avoiding caffine, but I am going to try that for my fifth treatment. I usually dont drink any caffine,but I do love chocolate,But will lay off of it near the next treatment.

Hey- thought I’d add in my 2 cents.
I also found the pain excrutiating (much more so than the advertised “rubberband snapping”)
My experience was that I used EMLA on my calves- I out it on for TWO hours wrapped in plastic anf there was really minimal pain.
The next day however, i went for thighs and had my legs covered for only an hour and the pain was so bad
that i was even convulsing and the tech had to hold me still.
So moral: apply EMLA for around 2 hours and that helps amazingly. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

did any of you have light Sheer done? I am contemplating making an appointment ASAP.

How long did it take to shed. What happened after the first session (if anything)

I’ve heard using emla (and other topicals) are not so good to use. If you can’t feel the pain level you can’t tell if it is set to high, and the topicals constrict the blood vessels doing something to the pigmentation (I can’t remember what else was said) but the person performing the treament for my stomach said the results would be faster without emla.
However, if the pain is that bad I will be the first one running to the drugstore to buy some.

Try ice-pads on the area 3 min before treatment, it worked great for me.

I have had 4 tx on my underarms, 3 tx on my bikini, and 2 tx on my legs.

The last time I went my underarms and bikini line were definitely excruciating. I was shaking and writhing on the table - not fun!

I know she increased the joules this time because when I went in for that treatment I still had plenty of hair on my underarms and bikini. This time I am hair free longer.

But I was bruised yellow in my bikini line for about 4-5 days after that treatment, it hurt so bad.

I also used the numbing cream, about 45-60 min before my treatment, and it did nothing for me. I think next time I will try the 2 hours.

I only hope all this $$ I’m forking out for LHR will be worth it!