Laser Hair Removal on Scalp (bald head)


Hi there. I’m curious about the possibility of getting laser hair removal on my scalp.

i’m currently shaving my head but i’m tired of shaving my head with my clippers.

shaving doesn’t get rid of my hair shadows on my head where the bald spot meets the spot where hair still grows. i’d like a clean smooth hairless head.

a Hair Tell Pro recently told me that Hair on the head is 90% in growth stage and you’ll need to kill hair in each growth cycle.

i’m reading conflicting things. depending on skin-type a certain type of laser needs to be used. some have had problems with burns on the head. some of had good experiences and said

i’m african-american and i’m 37 yrs old. i’m balding in the middle of the head which is why i shaved

my question is how long does it usually take to treat the scalp, 6 months? a year 2 years?

some say that treating the scalp is a difficult area to treat and its risky.

i’d love to get some feedback. too much conflicting information.


People with darker skin need to be extremely careful when using lasers for hair removal. It is possible to get lasting discoloration. Here’s a video I did about it a long time ago:

Because the energy settings usually need to be lower, it’s hard to say how long it might take. I strongly recommend doing some tests in an inconspicuous area before trying it on your scalp.


hi andrea! thank you for this vital information. i see that doing this is not gonna be easy.

i live in Washington D.C./ maryland - i’m not the same complexion as this man who got scarred.

i’m the same complexion as the man in this video

i’m more medium brown but…i see that finding the right type of person who has worked on men like me is a first step.


Hello! i have a planned consultation for laser hair removal on the scalp area.

had an email convo with them and they said:

**> doctor has indicated that she has been very successful in treating the scalp area for men. The only time that the hair will not respond to the laser treatment is if the hair is gray in color. The laser will not pick up the gray color. It “sees” the darker pigment. **
**> **
> Most patients require 6 treatments and the total cost is $1700.

does this sound accurate?

what kind of questions should i be asking the doctor regarding the type of equipment she uses since i’m african american.

i’m african american and my complextion is


It is mostly accurate, but either intentionally or unintentionally confusing. Any hair with very little pigment will not respond to laser at all. This includes grey and light blonde hair. Other hair will respond, but this is basically meaningless in terms of permanent reduction. Hair that is dark blonde or light brown often does not contain enough pigment to be permanently removed, but the laser will still have a temporary effect similar to other temporary epilation. It will return in its next growth cycle.

The other factor that she may not have mentioned is that there needs to be a sufficient difference in the intensity of pigment in the skin and hair in the treatment area. The only laser that even has the capability of providing anything close to permanent results on dark skin is the Nd:YAG.

The doctor or the clinic should be able to provide photographic evidence of past successful treatments that measure the amount of hair before treatment and several months after treatment. Even so, laser often offers unpredictable results that depend on so many factors, so you have to be accept that the $1700 may provide a 70% reduction, or a 40% reduction or very little reduction at all.


thank you for the honest feedback. when i start the treatments i promise i will post photos to show the progressing. i also want to thank the founder of this forum. i’ve come a long way in my learning.

i came here in 2008 and i didn’t know what electrolysis or laser hair removal was or was aware the women and men get it done. i just thought that men didn’t have beards and women did.

so now 11 years later my facial and scalp hair is on the way out…

thanks for the info folks.