laser hair removal on eyebrow

I wish I had checked this board before I got it done, anyways the last couple of times I had the tech chip away top parts of my brow for which I think was a little too much now, I would like for it to grow back what is the reality of it doing so its been 4 months…it was yag…45 joules, 7 mm i think and 10 m/s pulse width. what can I expect, and in which time frame. I know my hairline was also chipped away the hair is growing back in the steps of a hair transplant patient, at first very light…still pretty light but slowly darkening back to its original or a darker color. what can be expected from eyebrows?? I think I did make them once in between, but the person that made them doesn’t remember if she plucked top.

This is just waiting game. No one can predict here what is gone for good. You just have to wait and see if any hair returns. I’d give it at least 6 months. 12 is best.

hmm so by next october i will know for sure…provided that the last treatment took place in october and the first one didn’t have any results as it all grew back…that is my time frame i am guessing? 6 months minimum is a good indication or just a cycle of hair growth? it never grew out and shed i saw a couple of pepperspots you think it would grow at least. my hairline never grew out and shed but whatever did grow in afterwards was very light at first and is darkening slowly up with time, it think from what I observe it looks like the stages of hair transplant, took three months for any sign of hair to appear though.

If you want to know for sure, wait 12 months. New hair is always finer. At 12 months, you’ll see how dark it will stay.

3 months before visible hair reappearing sounds about right. But from the little I know, the eyebrows are a different beast.