Laser hair removal on body and electrolysis on face


I have PCOS but I’m on spironolactone, birth control, Metformin and I’m doing intermittent fast and exercising & low carb diet. I still have hirsutism-thick black hair all over my body. The medications are preventing it from getting really bad. Anyway, I went to my dermatologist the other day and he said that his office provides laser removal treatment. He said the laser hair removal treatment would also help with the keratosis pilaris on my body too. I told him that laser isn’t permanant and that my skin is too dark for lasers. He said that he has the YAG laser which is designed to remove hair on darker skinned people. He said I could start with my face and neck. What should I do? Should do the laser for my body and do electrolysis on my face?

Laser and PCOS in the cases I have dealt with, are not a good mix. Your risk of stimulation is much higher then a person without PCOS.
Before you make a decision, know exactly what your outcome is you expect. If you want a Permanent solution, then laser is not the way to go. Your only choice is electrolysis. You need to plan. At Permanence, we spend time planning upfront what you want to achieve, create milestones, then deliver to those expectations.
There are 3 types of electrolysis. Thermolysis Blend and galvanic multi probe. As a specialist in multi probe, the following is how I would plan your treatment. Others will be able to road map you through their speciality of what they would recommend, so will leave thermolysis and blend to them.
I would clear the face first, by 6 months you should be fairly comfortable, however it will take, pending the condition is severe, approximately 12 - 18 months to complete. Budget is also to be considered, it can be spread out over a longer time frame if necessary.
Once the face is complete, then move onto the body, working areas that are of most concern to you e.g. chest and breasts, stomach, lower back etc. As each area is complete move onto the next. With dark skin there are no issues with Galvanic creating pigmentation issues, so you can relax.
You are looking at possibly a 5-10 year plan to complete the full body strip, much earlier if there are no financial limitations. The benefits, there is an end to treatment, you are guaranteed to be hair free for the rest of your life. Currently we are almost finished several full body strips and the feed back is always the same, “freedom, best decision I ever made”.
There will be others in this forum that have very different ways of taking you on your journey, however this will give you a platform to base your decision on what works best for you. At the end of the day, all 3 modalities lead to a permanent solution, explore all 3, trial all 3, then the one you choose will be the perfect one for you.

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That’s what scares me. I’m already hairy. I don’t want to deal with even more hair after spending a lot of money. I’ve seen some pictures online of paradoxical hypertrichosis and it’s devasting for someone who wants to get rid of the hair.

I have very thick black hairs under my chin and the side of my check. Luckily, it’s not dense in one area. The hairs are kinda spread out all. I might have significant reduction after one clearance. How long could one sit for clearance on the chin and face?

I’m in New York City right now. Do you have any recommendations for electrolysis in the area?

As I am from Australia I am not familiar with operators in NY however my suggestion would be to contact the American electrologists association - they should have a list of operators and what modality they use on their site - have consultations and trust your intuition.

" That’s what scares me. I’m already hairy. I don’t want to deal with even more hair after spending a lot of money. I’ve seen some pictures online of paradoxical hypertrichosis and it’s devasting for someone who wants to get rid of the hair."

I treat clients with diagnosed PCOS nearly every day and not a single case has stimulation occurred as a result of getting electrolysis. Stimulation due to untreated high androgen ( testosterone) that results from PCOS DOES occur, but that will happen with or without electrolysis taking place.Stimulation can occur from paradoxal laser hair stimulation if the skin tone is correct for this to occur, but stimulation as a result of electrolysis does not occur in my experience.

As for an electrologist in NYC, you cant do a lot better thaan our own Moderater here at Hairtell Arlene Batz CPE who is located if I recall in queens. She can definitely guide you down the right path.


Thank you! I’m in Brooklyn but I am definitely willing to travel to Queens. I’ll make an appointment with Arlene.

So, what your doctor said was not untrue. I do disagree with one thing you said, with all respect. Laser is PERMANENT reduction. It can affect a certain percentage of hairs forever. The ones that it won’t affect need to be removed with electrolysis. So, do both for the body, but I would only do electrolysis on your face because the hair on your face is not always consistent with color, thickness and density. Most importantly, you are a woman of color and if they are conservative with the energy level, so as not to burn you, that could stimulate more hair to grow? I wouldn’t gamble with my face.


Best Answer ever as to why not to laser a face. I want to frame that one Dee!

The reference to stimulation with PCOS was with laser not electrolysis, Thanks for the feedback

I’ve no idea what you are trying to insinuate, because this client has was talking about laser and electrolysis, and I only spoke to the paradoxal stimulation as to laser, as that is the only time it occurs?And it generally has nothing at all to do with PCOS, .

Hi so I’m also trying to get laser hair removal. I was told that the laser will Destroy the existing hair but cannot do anything about new hairs since the problem is hormonal imbalance. I’ve read that the hair grows back worse on the face sometimes but not the body? I wouldn’t do laser on my face but is the body like legs, Brazilian and abdomen recommended?