Laser Hair Removal (LHR): 25% of all (my) LHR clients gave up because of too painful


Background: I have provided FREE test patching to ALL of my LHR clients and I around 25% or more never came back. I did texted them for feed back & only few had replied.

One clients had given up after 3 sessions because the client told me it’s too painful for her.

None of my clients (except one client had got blisters over small test patched area) was blistered or burnt by me.

I use high settings until the skin show the end point of follicular erythema (redness) & perifollicular edema (swelling).

Over 90% of my clients who follow my instructions and who had done around 4-6 sessions have had well over 70% hair reduction.

My questions: how should I retain those clients who given up?

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Permanent hair removal / reduction is a game of motivation. Just like with electrolysis, some people have a low threshold for “pain”. They give up on electrolysis, like they do with laser, but may return when they get more motivated.

Laser and electrolysis can have some sensation concerns. No “pain” no gain hold true for permanent hair reduction and removal. Topical creams can help take the edge off. Advil a hour before can help?

Always be honest with people. Warn them that there will be tolerable and maybe intolerable sensation issues, but the laser works pretty well. Clients need to hold out for success. Just like having a baby is not pleasant, the end result is a beautiful new life. Many hairy people are yearning for new life, without hair in all the wrong places. Just hold out and buck up. Figure out appropriate medication help if necessary.


There are a number of reasons why clients give up and drop out of treatment. I have listed a few here:

  1. Loss of motivation
  2. Distance to electrologist
  3. Unrealistic expectations
  4. Finances
  5. Major holidays (I will call you after Christmas)
  6. Personal issues/distractions
  7. Illness
  8. Treatment discomfort

I find that Christmas is a particularly disruptive period. People starting thinking about the holidays and permanent hair removal is no longer a priority.


When I was working as a laser tech we always told them about lidocaine cream (where to buy and how to properly apply). If they found laser too painful we would keep emphasizing the numbing cream.

Some areas are too big to use the cream and then recommend only applying the cream to the painful parts. If they were getting legs, they would apply to ankles or the shins.

If a client was in pain during treatment, slow the pulses or break them up so person could have a breather. I used to try and go fast to get it over with for them but this only worked for people with a good pain tolerance. Most people need small breaks or pauses after several shots.

If this doesn’t work, turn it down and explain the results may not be as good if it was higher but they should still see results (unless the hair never sheds afterwards of course). Bring up the lidocaine cream yet again.

We would turn it up on areas they could tolerate and turn it down when they couldn’t handle it. A leg may have several different settings so write good notes.

The numbing cream really helps people get great results for they can tolerate the treatments much better. Let them know too they will still feel the laser with the cream but it will take the edge off.


I should add some people shop around. They get consultations and test patches and then pick the cheapest provider unfortunately. You could let them know at consultation you price match but they need some sort of proof of price


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Laser Hair Removal is not for the weak. The laser will hurt! I used a 10% lidocaine spray as anesthetic.