Laser Hair Removal in London (UK)

I want to compose a list of places here that have good success rates.

So far I know of Renew Medica from another member on this forum (specifically the Oxford Street branch).

Has anyone got any other recommendations?

I go to the clairmont laser clinic in Sheffield - seen good results especially on bikini. Prices are very fair as well.

Why don’t you do some research on Google using various search terms (london laser hair removal or laser hair removal UK) and create a list of like 20 places in London area. Then post a survey with that entire list on this forum and other hair removal forums to get the data your looking for.


I have had a consultation plus one treatment of laser hair removal on my underarms with renew med. The clinic is very well presented, clean and tidy, and the people working there are very professional.

I did had one gripe though…I enquired about the induced hair growth that can occur on the face (or other fine hair areas). The technician told me that, yes it could induce coarser hair growth on the face, but not to worry because that induced hair growth could then be got at with a laser. I found that quite questionable advice, because I only have fine hairs on my face, with the odd scattering of coarse hairs here and there - why would I want to embark on a treatment that could make fine hairs thick? Having researched a bit later on, I have found that electrolysis is better suited for my facial hair, but I suppose it’s not in their best interests to recommend a treatment that they do not perform in that specific branch…

But, having said all that when she did do my first treatment on my underarms it went very well. 2 weeks after the treatment practically all the hairs have shed out. It has been about a month and the whole area has only minimal regrowth. I will also be getting other areas where I have coarse, thick hair growth lasered in the coming months, so I will let you know how I get on there.

They do electrolysis too right?

^They do and it’s insanely priced.

Lol I thought so, maybe there is a lser clinic in London that is cheaper and as good results, like we have Sharon for electrolysis.

Some tech are just always taught that electrolysis is very slow and scary, so they don’t know what it could do for finer hair.

Why is their electrolysis so costly when their laser is reasonably priced? It makes no sense to me.

They told me some nonsense about the fact that the rest of their treatments fall in a certain price bracket so the electrolysis needs to be consistent with that. It’s all about the image.

At the end of the day, the reasons are I there are:
They have a Yag and the tech’s know how to use it effectively as they have a lot of darker skinned clients.
The prices are a lot more reasonable than most Laser Clinics and even IPL these days.

I have no comment about any of their other treatments or whether they are worth the price.

I’m going to take this slightly off topic.

I’ve been looking for a GentleYag in London and I have found one:

It makes me suspicious that they have so many websites/domains rather than just the one umbrella website. On the otherhand they are under the Healthcare Commission like Rewnew Medica and also seem very keen to point out the difference between IPL and LASERs.

There are other Yags around, but not many websites actually stipulate what brand they have. I’ve read that the GentleYag has a larger spot size and can thus result in faster treatment, which is what I’m looking for and hence the reason for my search. I think they have a GentleLase as well.

Price wise (see the 2nd link), they seem to match or are cheaper than Renew Medica.
For example:
RM - bikini & underarms = £125 peak / £107 off peak.
Premier - bikini & underarms = £129.

RM - lower legs = £170 peak / £145 off peak.
Premier - lower legs = £139.

I’m not in West London so I don’t fancy traveling all the way there to check them out, but I thought it might be helpful to some of you. If you’ve had any experience with this company, do share your experience and any useful info!

They probably charge a lot for electrolysis because it makes sense for them financially to sway you towards laser. It takes less of their personnel’s time.

Sadly electrolysis is a dying industry and service, hence why prices maybe higher as you mentuoned. Laser hair removal is where all the big money is at because it can treat ten times faster, much bigger areas it can treat and less time consuming for the owners of hair removal centers and patients. Basically what used to take years with electrolysis can now be done in months with laser hair removal. Which way would 99% of the popultation go knowing that information?

Electrologists are a dying breed and there’s not really many rookie electrologists now being groomed or the future like with laser techs. Very rarely do you find a electrologist under 40years old anymore. But laser hair removal techs at chain stores we’ve seen as young as 21! Yikes!

sk:n clinic uk, london, They’re very good. On the other hand The harley medical group - over priced and over rated!

I would disagree LaserElect. I personally know of at least 3 brand new electrologists who recently got into it. Electrolysis has evolved as well. New computerized epilators use fast methods like microflash and picoflash and with minimal discomfort. Plus, laser only works on coarse dense hair. The majority of people will either need electrolysis to finish an area or to do electrolysis from the start when the hair is not coarse enough.

At the AIE near me, there are 4 or 5 electrologists-in-training who are in their mid-twenties. There are an equal number of people people in their fifties. I’d say it’s about even (at least at this school).

I personally know of a place where they charge $150 per hour for electrolysis with a set up you could buy off of Ebay for about $500 to $1000, (and they are NOT fast, and their work leaves scabs) just so they can bring home the point that you can do L.A.S.E.R. with them for less money. The thing is, if one were treating with someone who had better equipment and skill, the money would not be so lopsided.

James, that’s so shady! You should go hand out pamphlets to their customers or something, haha.


having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: He is so naive to believes everything he reads. He has a very naive attitude about hair removal per electrolysis.

having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique: He offers a valuable naive portrait of laser hair reduction.

My dear Oscar also agree with Dee.

“Nothing seems so NAIVE as to the daring” - Oscar Wilde