Laser hair removal help!

Hey, I’m new to this forum and this is my first post :whistle: …I’m considering laser hair removal on my chin…i have dark coarse hair on my chin that i’m sick of plucking anymore…my skin type is IV-V (indian)…so guys i need some advice on which laser is good for me…i did one session with lightsheer diode at 12 J…which was such a waste of $ as it doesn’t even look like i had one…no shedding what so ever(its been a week)…anyway i’m considering go to an another clinic that uses Cutera® CoolGlide™…supposedly it is in the 1064nm range (i’m not into these technical stuffs lol)…does this laser sound right for my skin type?..what is the effective setting range on this laser for my skin?..any advice would b greatly appreciated…thanks guys!!! :slight_smile:

Yes, the yag laser is for you.

Your laser specialist will decide what the effective range is for you.

My advice would be to get electrolysis for this area. If you don’t want electrolysis, then at the very least, start looking for a good electrologist because you will need one after you discover that laser reduction can only do so much. Darker skin is risky fare for laser, so go to some one who have experience working on dark skin clients.

hey,I’ld do electrolysis if my hair isn’t so thick and dark…like u said i want to start off with laser and then make the transition to electrolysis…thanks for that advice.

As Dee has said,do your homework and don’t pay a penny until you are satisfied that the laser operator has the experience and qualifications to treat individuals of your skin tone.
Please don’t discount electrolysis. Your dark and coarse hairs are ideal for electrolysis.
Start looking now for a professional practitioner with great recommendations and get along to them asap.

Yup…I am very pleased my laser facial hair removal…I am skin type 4…I got ND Yag laser sessions…about 5 and 2 sessions of Soparno diode laser.inever shaved in between sessions.Now my face feels so smooth…I recommand it to all.Almost 95% reduction on my face.I hope my review will help others.I want tell you about the applisonix too…it is a waste of money…I got it for my whitehairs …spent thousands and got no end result.Please stay away from the claims…dont waste money and time …go for electrolysis…thats my advice only.Everybody has different experience…

Cherry is right in her ways…but my view is to go for laser first and then get rid of the remaining with electrolysis.This works.

Hello, Everyone

I need HELP!, I have a couple questions.

First, I am finally hired to work in a practice doing Laser Hair Removal, but now i live in florida and the law here requires me to have a medical director i have my gynecology willing to be the one, now, what will be a fair fee or commission to pay to the doctor?

Also this practice have 2 different machines 1, the candela yag and the alexandrite, can you tell me the settings depending on the skin type? Is being a while since i took my license.

Dear friend,alexandrite is better for skin types 1,2 nd prbably 3…greater melanin absorbtion and very effective.About the settings,first get three patch tests done starting with low fluence nd then increasing the fluence to max which your skin can tolerate and check how your skin reacts.Nd Yag is most safe even on darker skin types.Beware,dont use laser on fine hairs as it may make them more thick called as laser stimulated growth.


I really want to do hair removal (bikini, underarms,legs), but I am not sure which type will be the best for my skin.
I think that my skin color is typr IV or a little lighter then that. My hair color is black.
Can you please give me an advice, so I will know how to start looking at the area where I leave?

Thank you for helping

I highly recommend Soprano hair removal laser. This laser is a first as it is suitable for all skin colors whether it be Caucasian skin or black skin and is safe and very effective. Now you may well have heard of previous lasers being painful or not suitable for darker skin in the past, but this one is one of a kind. The heat that is used to destroy the dark hair gradually heats up, making the treatment very comfortable and tolerable. Especially for darker skin that has more pigment in so the laser heats up quicker than someone who has little or no pigment in the skin but in the hair only. The laser head piece has a cooling tip built in so if it is too warm, treatment can be stopped the headpiece rolled against the skin, and it cools the skin in about 3-5 seconds. It feels somewhat like a hot stone massage on the skin and after a while it feels quite nice with the heat.Obviously areas like the bikini line or upper lip are slightly more sensitive but very much tolerable.
You can find more info at: