Laser hair removal for brown skinned people

I am wondering what would be best laser for facial hair removal for brown skinned female (Indian origin)? Hair is black in color and coarse in texture.

The longer-pulsed laser with the longest wavelengths are best, but it is absolutely critical to go to someone with experience treating people with your skin tone.

Look for long-pulsed Nd:YAG or long-pulsed diode devices, but please please please research carefully. I got a report this morning from someone who was terribly burned.

Thanks for the reply, Andrea. I’ll be very careful. Just wondering if you know more about SLP1000. THis what a website says:

In the past, hair removal or vein treatment on dark or tanned skin had been difficult, because darker skin absorbs too much of the laser energy. Now, the SLP1000 uses Super Long-Pulse Technology. Each pulse of laser energy has a greater pulsewidth (longer delivery time). This minimizes the amount of heat buildup in the skin, while allowing enough heat to destroy the hair or vein.

I am planning to consult a doctor in Bridgewater, NJ who seems to have this device. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks again.

Yes, SLP is one of the ones less likely to damage darker skin.

I generally do not recommend practitioners, but I do recommend having a physician perform the procedure personally, or be in the room supervising the settings.