Laser Hair Removal Concerns

So i recently got laser hair removal on cheek area and i was just wondering why the hair isnt really falling out like it did with my test trial. When i got my test trial the hair fell off within 10 days and it came out gently and didnt feel like i was pulling it out. However its been about 9 days and i tried taking one or two out and the hair just didnt seem like it wanted to come out.

  1. does this mean the laser didnt kill the hair root, because during the treatment i smelt that my hair was burning
  2. will it come out on its own still
  3. Around some of the hair folicules a small bump came out the second day. is this normal
  4. What other information can you give me about this being normal or not.
  5. Also around the hair follicule it looks like the skin peeled and looks dry. ive been moisturizing. is this normal, like the skin looking like its peeling just at a few spots?

Also the hair grew pretty fast, is this also normal. Thankyou