Laser Hair Removal Chest/Abs & Back at Sona MedSpa

I just had my first laser hair removal appointment - day 1 entire back; Day 2 Chest/Abs. I bought this package at Sona MedSpa in Brentwood, Tennessee. I can be a challenging client in that I ask a lot of questions and have a tendency to be a skeptic and offer suggestions as to protocol. I have a light complexion with brown hair.

I am extremely pleased with Sona. I don’t know how they are in other parts of the country but the Brentwood, TN location is wonderful. They answered all my questions and have been patient and understanding with me.

I have visited other laser removal clinics in the area for individual treatments but have never had such thorough treatments like I received at Sona. I highly recommend the Brentwood, TN location. They used an Apogee laser with the cooling air system on me. The cool air helps distract you from the discomfort of the laser.

how much was your package?