Laser Hair Removal Centers in San Antonio, TX


Does anyone know of any good, and cheap Laser Centers in San Antonio. I went to a place here, and it was extremely expensive in my opinion. $780 for the first 5 treatments for Neck, Chest,Upper Back, and Shoulders. Then every treatmant after that it goes down to $400. It seems like way to much money to me. They use the Apogee Alexandrite 9300, and the ND YAG.


Actually, $780 for the first 5 treatments then only $400 there after for all of those areas is actually a steal :fearful: There are people here on this board who pay quite a bit more than that. I just for my face and neck, pay $450 a treatment and in my market(Chicago) that it is average.
It would be wonderful to get this accomplished for 1k or less after one treatment and then be done with it, but that is just not the reality unfortunately.

In the event you don’t get a reply with a referral/recommendation, you might want to look at a list of laser hair removal directories and compare some prices.

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Thanks for the reply Jgril, but how would i know how many treatmants I will need? And how would i know if I’m not throwing my money away. They gave me a pamphlet that stated 4-6 treatments would take away 50 - 90 % of the hair. So I asked them what happens if at that time 50 - 90% wasnt gone. They said they would bring me in to the nurses or doctors and we would work out a deal. But that means nothing, I’m just going by trust. I need something in writing. How did you know this was the right place to go?


Nobody knows how many treatments they will need, it is just “one of those things” that depends on the individual. Some people’s hair is just simply more stubborn.

If they told you 6 treatments, that is probably about right. You may need more though, many do. If you can, ask if they will give you some gaurantee whether full or partial that they will work with you to get your hair removed in the event you are not responding well.

To minimize possible disappointment, I personally did research on what type of laser I thought would work best for me. I decided on Lightsheer because of my skin type and that ended up being exactly what my dermatologist recommended at the consultation. I don’t have a gaurantee but based on the attitude and character of the practice, I trusted that they would work with me so I didn’t bother, which was probably stupid of me but thank god I have had good results so far.

Laser can be iffy, so…even if you can get a partial gaurantee, even that would be better than none at all. Chances of getting a 100% gaurantee in writing, well…it’s not commonplace I don’t think. Why is that? Well I think it might be because you have too many people who “expect” that the hair is gone in a few treatments and when it “isn’t gone that fast” they might turn around prematurely and demand their money back.

Also, laser is cleared for “permanenet hair reduction” not “permanent hair removal” well defining reduction is still a tough thing though. Frankly, someone who underwent 6 treatments, and who had 40% of it come back a year later, well that would still be considered reduction, yet because it isn’t “gone” as promised then they may want their money back, but the thing is, it isn’t cleared to be permanent removal in the first place only reduction and how does one determine just how much reduction has or has not happend, its a very open ended and subjective thing, that is just the nature of this.

Sorry to be long winded. If you do get anything in writing, it may not be “we gaurantee 100% removal forever after 6 treatments” it may not be “We gaurantee 60% permanence after 6 treatments” but you might be able to get it where they will say in a gaurantee that “We will work with you in the event you don’t respond well to treatment, which may include discounted treatments, a number of free treatments, and then last resort, partial refund, bla bla bla”

It is a scary to part with so much money for hair removal, but you have to ultimately decide if it is worth it. So far for me, it has been, but patience and resolve are really key if you want the hair gone. I am looking at spending in the neighborhood of $2500 for 5 treatments on my face and neck, and I’m hoping it will be permanent, but even reduction I consider to be great for me.


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