LAser hair removal burns

I am of African amercian decent i just recently started My laser hair removal of my under chin. The first time i went he only did a small test spot. Take note the places i have the spot under my chin due to excessive plucking with tweezers have left dark spots. I was sooo happy when he test spot those two spot an it got a little scarred at 20 joules and after the scab came off no more spot was there. I went back a second time as the first time i had tweezed all the hair out so the test spot wasnt that successful to determine if the hair was burnt. Now he did all the spots under my chin as i shaved to leave hair stuble this time and this is where the hair grows but this time i have immense burn! i am scared altough now the burnt scar are coming off leaving a pink underlying of my epidermis i am not able to tell if the hair was burnt. if the hair wasnt burnt he said he has to raise the joules but if he does am scared it will worse scar an burn my skin as i seem to have very sensitive skin! what should i do.!? I think the spots will go away when my pink underlying evens out but what about the hair? thats my biggest problem an now under my chin looks like a pink and black leopard! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> please let me know the highest Joule for african amercian course hair and also what do you think i should do. and how long after each of your treatment do you know if the Hair will fall out or does it jus stop growing? Awaiting ANYONE’s reply

what laser was used on you? with your skin type, ONLY a yag can be used. others will cause burns and pigmentation as it seems you have experienced.

he said the laser was authorized for african american skin i am not sure i had the name of it. the burns actually peel off leaving a pink scar and then (hopefully) it evens back out to my own skin .but is this anormal procedure? its very embarassing

correct treatment at correct settings with a Yag laser shouldn’t create any peeling or scarring. seeing that this happened, means the tech used too high settings on you. what you experienced is not normal. you need to let them know and i would question their abilities…Also, to be an informed consumer, find out the exact name of the laser they are using on you.