Laser Hair Removal and your AGE...

What affects does your age have on the results of your laser hair removal. My practitioner tells me that since I am young (early 20’s), removal of back hair may not work so well because I am still growing. Hair will continue to grow as I get older.

Anyone have more information about this? They tell me that 50 year olds can go for just a few treatments and get rid of all their hair. But young people will only see mild results.


This is my experience so far.

I am 20 years old, nearly 21. I have currently undergone 2 sessions of laser hair removal using a coolglide laser.

I am having my chest and stomach done. After the first treatment, there was a significant reduction of density and hair thickness. My goal in the first place was just to get a good amount of reduction not to be completely hair free. My tech told me that my results were fantastic straight away and its not often she sees that.

Six weeks after that I had my second treatment. Now two weeks have past since that second treatment, and my shedding is beginning to occur. I now have some patches were there was plenty of hair before, now there is none. I am starting to be a little concerned if I keep the treatments up I may be hair free. That I do not want!

Therefore, I am currently deciding how many more treatments I should do. All I am concerned about is for it too look natural, as so far I would say laser works for me.

As for back hair, I am about to go for an appointment for electrolysis. While my back hair is minimal and in patchs, and can only be noticed if you look closely. I think its best I try electrolysis. It is proven to be permanent and it is progressively permanent. Meaning, if you start treatment now and along the way you grow new hairs they will be dealt with. I think its better to start when you don’t have a lot, therefore as you age and IF you continue to grow hair you will only have to deal with that.

My advice, if you hair is dark and corse. Try laser. If you want to be 100% hair free try electroylsis. Unfortunately, still 100 years on after the finding of electroylsis it is still relatively expensive, and it will take along time to become hair free, a hairy mans back can take from 1 to 2 years to clear - so I read. Depending on technique used etc.

If you are dedicated and persistant you will get the desired results with electrolysis, as for laser I think its a flip of a coin, weather it will work for you or not.

Hi Adam:

They are right, since you are producing testosterone, that when convered to DHT stimulates hair growth. Whatever you do now with Laser or Electro will make the hair problem less however. laser will reduce the density of the hair growth somewhat.