Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos


I am a first time visitor. I have had a bad experience with laser hair removal treatment that I want to make people aware of. I had four separate treatments for hair removal, the last being one year ago. The area was mainly in my upper back and shoulders. Unfortunately, while I would say minimal hair removal resulted, the technician apparently went too close to my tattoo (located just below the back of my neck) and caused a burn and scabbing, and subsequent outerlying scarring and continual itching. This was a little over one year ago and the conditions still persists! My understanding was that these “fully trained” technicians were not to go within one inch of a tattoo because such negative effects could result.

Well they did, and now I’m suffering for it. Has anyone else experienced such a thing with hair removal? At this point I do not know what can be done about it. The tattoo artists will not touch the area and the dermatologist does not know if it will ever heal properly. I would appreciate anyone sharing a similar experience in this area and any advice they could provide. Removing the tattoo could be an option, but can this be done? Is it safe to consider? Frankly, I don’t think I want to ever get touched with a laser needle again, but then I don’t want this condition to remain on my back the way it is.

Please consider this also when you’re thinking about doing the same.


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Depending on where you live (or where you travel) Manual Tattoo Removal may be available at a Tattoo Studio. LASER is not the only Tattoo Removal option, except in places where the AMA has successfully barred the old tried and true method. The tattoo can be removed by going over it with a solution in place of the ink that brings the tattoo up, and it scabs off with the shedding of the normal skin. It may take 3 to 5 passes, but it works – If you can find someone who can do it for you.