Laser hair reduction

Hi, I’m 21 and I’m interested in getting laser hair reduction. Ultimately I’d like to get my whole body done, but for now I’m looking to just get my arms and hands done.

Now, I don’t want to get the hair completly removed, I just want to not be as hairy. Would it then be best for me to just get like 2 treatments done?

And how much would each treatment cost? (ballpark figure)

Also, I’m about 1 month into taking Propecia (finesteride) for my scalp hairloss (yep, hairy AND balding!) and I’ve read that Propecia can lighten out your body hair by reducing DHT, the form of testosterone that causes scalp hairloss but body hair thickening. Is it true that this drug can reduce body hair at all? Perhaps it will help the laser hair reduction?

As far as your first question, not getting enough treatments might leave your hairy patchy, not just thinner overall.

I was afraid of that, though there are quite a few different types of lasers, so it might still be a possibility.

I shaved my legs a little over 2 months ago and thus far it doesn’t seem to have grown back in nearly as thick as it was, but then, its only been a little over 2 months. If by summer it hasn’t gotten any worse that’ll definetly be a sign propecia (finesteride) really is having an effect on my body hair by inhibiting DHT.