Laser "franchises"? esp. for those in Chicago

Hi y’all,

I’ve been on 5 consultations for LHR and it seems like the multi-city “franchises”–Pure Laser (Chicago, Toronto, Detroit?) and American Laser Centers (lots of locations I think) offer the best prices. However for some reason I got a bad vibe on the consultations with them. I guess this is because:

  1. you don’t speak with a doctor (although just because someone is a doctor doesn’t make them smarter/more capable/more caring than anyone else),

  2. they both offer big packages with guarantees that people on this website advise avoiding (although if they don’t go out of business, I don’t see how a guarantee can hurt you), and

  3. just because they seem like the McDonald’s or Starbucks of LHR.

But then I think, may be they can offer lower prices because they do such a large volume, and quality doesn’t necessarily suffer. I’ve seen a couple of posts about Pure on this website (not terribly favorable but only on the consultation) and a couple of neutral ones for ALC. Does anyone who has been treated at these places, especially in Chicago, have experiences to share?

Thanks Andrea and everyone!

I second this request

So far I had two treatments for my upper lip and chin at the ALC.

I like them. Granted, I have no other center to compare them to, but I have no complains at this point.

The only thing that I was not very happy about during my second session, was the pressure that my practioner used to talk me into getting done something else, like my forearms, at least one session, if I am not ready to go for the whole package etc. But, hey, they are in business to make money like everybody else, so I just politely and insistently declined the offer. I don’t think she liked it, and that got on my nerve.

Other than that I am happy with them. Check my other postings describing my experience with them.

I will keep this board posted as to the future encounters with this chain.

Good luck everybody, polki.