laser for xmas prezzie

Hi I am considering purchasing a groupon like voucher for laser on bikini area I am curretly having electrolysis on chin hair and around nipples, but have never tried laser. I am considering trying laser on bikini area’s under arms and will way up eventually whether to do upper lip with laser electrolysis or just leave as its not too bad. So hubby is buying a playstation 4 after xmas we buy things in Jan for each other after getting for the kids at xmas and I am to make a list myself, I often see groupon wowcher socialiving doing laser treatments 6 for £99 on 1 large or 2 medium or small area’s I feel at the original price its not worth it to me but at £100 if its any good it would be. So after all that lol my question is are the groupon offers any good or are they to be avoided I’m in UK. I have other things in mind as well as this for instance I’ll be having my eyebrows shaped and semi perm make up already discussed this with my electrolysis. Thanks for feed back

We often hear horror stories of groupon vouchers for laser. They have to make money somewhere, and often will uuse too low a setting to be effective when treating from these cheapie sessions. If you are seriously interested in alaser, the cheap option is probably not the way to go. Get some referrals, and while cost might be an issue, a session done well that is a few bucks more is better than one that isnt going to be effective.


Thanks I have looked at doing it without a voucher and it costs around £500-600 I don’t think that’s worth it for me I guess I’ll stick with my epilator for legs shaving / removal creams for down below. I really have no more than any other women in those area’s infact I go around 2-3 weeks before having to do legs and under arm with epilator I’m just lazy and for £100 to reduce this further would have been great but not for the full price the only area’s I’m prepared to pay serious money in is the area’s I’m doing with electrolysis and would never consider laser in those area’s. Thanks again Seana