Laser for SKIN (not hair)

I wanted to put this in a category visited frequently and since it is related to laser I thought I’d put it here.

I’ve had acne and it has damaged by cheeks a lot to the extent that I don’t like to see them. I know some people would class mine as nothing to worry about, but it does take away my confidence to a great level, just like hair does, so if I’m doing something about hair, I can do something about my skin iof possible too, right?

Well, I don’t know if this is right but I guess the phrase to be used is that “I have lost collagen” on cheeks. So instead of a spot (which is a bump), the skin is more like dented, and darker in colour than the rest of the skin. One of my cheeks feels worse than the other so it looks like loads of dark dots to me which I really want to make better. I have read by people that nothing can really be done to replace it but is this true?

I have also read that one option is laser, but just how laser can cause induced hair growth on women, is this the same for the laser used to treat people who have had acne and want to help cure the scars?

Input welcome, thank you for reading this.

Hi peace, as far as I know there aren’t many solutions for dents. They are also risky. There are things like ‘fillers’ for a temporary fix.

Laser does not help as far as I know. I know lots of people who spent money trying to ‘smooth’ these out with Laser without any effect.

I know 2 women, one real life friend and one internet friend who both experienced induced growth on the face after they had laser treatment for acne.

I think things will get better. Your acne only stopped recently right? It took about 2-3 years after the end of my acne, for my skin to look better. I still have some dents but they aren’t very noticeable, especially with the right makeup.

There are different types of laser used for skin treatments, i.e. different frequencies and other parameters. You should seek out an experienced dermatologist who’ll be able to judge which treatment plan is best for the type of damage that you have.

I never had cheek-fuzz until I had a series of laser treatments for my acne. I don’t know for sure if the laser caused it, because I have hormonal problems as well, but the timing fits.

I think for these ice-pick type of scars, the treatments are pretty heavy duty and usually involve minor surgeries. There are super ouchie lasers that literally destroy your face and it takes forever to recover from it (days or weeks). I believe those have been successfully used against pitted acne scars. If yours aren’t too deep, I would try microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and a mega-ton of retinol before I risked trying Fraxel laser.

I would be very careful using Fraxel as there are numerous reports of this particular device causing fat loss and other problems. Search - on

I have used the Derma Roller
with excellent results.

Thank you for your replies, I think I need to look into this more, keeping in mind laser and induced hair growth.

The only solution out there is a resurfacing laser like Fraxel or Pixel.
As said before, those are pretty aggressive lasers, but the more aggressive treatment you will have, the less sessions you will need with it. Also, after a treatment, your face might look like a war zone for anywhere between few days to 2 weeks.

As far as i know, ipl/laser machines that have a handpiece for acne are pretty much useless.
It also depends exactly what you have, you might also have redness which makes it look worse than it is and then you might improve with photo rejuvenation, lots of machines for that, i use the V-Beam which all dermatologists use.

Hi Peace 1 - stop and look at your skin and break your scars down to 2 categories. Loss of tissue versus pigment changes. Pigment changes are the easiest to fix. Photofacial, peels and retinols can make a difference. Loss of tissue is harder to fix. Consider Pixel, it does a good job with texture. No treatment will give you skin that is totally smooth. Look at Tommy Lee Jones from Men in black - if it was possible I am sure he would have achieved it by now. The thing I like about pixel is that as an operatior I have lots of choices about how to apply the energy. Stronger where you need it, more gentle other places. Healing for people in their 20’s is pretty quick, about 5 days for the flaking to come off and every subsequent treatment people tend to heal more quickly. Do your homework - there are things out there that really work in the hands of an experienced operator.