Laser for male beard

Hi everyone,

I’m a 24 years old male, Fitzpatrick II, with very coarse beard always full of ingrown hairs.

5 months ago I decided to do something about it, so I selected a clinic, and had two laser treatments, but only on the lower part of the beard, in the neck, to see how things worked and based on it decide whether to go on to the rest of the beard or not.

First treatment was with candela gentlelase. It hurt a bit, but after a couple of weeks of sheding hair my skin was completely smooth, and when hair started to grow again, around 2 months later it was far lighter than before and uniform.

The second treatment was with a IPL machine, I think it was a vasculight. It hurt less than the first time, but there were some parts of the hair that didn’t seem affected by it.

I just decided to go on and had my first beard treatment with Candela Gentlelase a couple of hours ago. It hurt, but not so much as I had anticipated.

However I think the settings they used were a bit conservative. They used a fluence of 14J. What do you think? Is it enough for this brand of laser and my skin type?

¿Anyone had a similar experience with IPL not being uniform?

Thanks a lot :smile:

Forgot to tell you I’ve got black hair

Hi Mc375!

IPL system doesn’t work at all. I tried on my chest and after 2 months all the hair growth back again. Now, I am thinking on laser treatments and finish with electrolysis.
Find my post “Multineedle Electrolysis (Blend)” on the electrolysis section.

IPL appears to be less effective on male facial hair than some of the lasers, according to anecdotal reports. The energy level does sound a little conservatgive for someone wishing to get a permantn result. I haven’t seen you, so they may have had their reasons for the setting.