laser for fine hair

i would like to hear the opinion of a laser practiocioner who has successfully treated fine facial hair or someone who has suffered from a similar problem. i had fine light brown vellus hair covering all my face. i have had 5 alexandrite laser treatments and my problem has only gotten worse. in some areas, those fine hair have turned into terminal dark and coarser hair and i could say that i have seen hair growing where i had none before treatment or at least not that heavy.
now i am seeing an electroligist, but i am considering the possibility of switching to laser, as electrolysis is very painful, costly and leaves scars.
my question is, would it be wise to continue laser treatments? will those after treatment developped coarse hair be eliminated at the end or it will only make things worse? what troubles me is that there are fine blond hair among those hair that laser only burns without killing the a result those type of hair will turn into terminal hair too.
what would your advise be?

I was told by a laser practitioner that it does not get rid of fine hairs, although there are industries working on new technologies to combat this problem that troubles so many. If you want to get rid of the hairs permanently, I recommend finding another qualified electrologist with plenty of satisfied customers (who will not leave your face scarred!) Take your time when doing it, if you can bare it go for sessions on a once monthly basis so your skin has time to recover. Ask to thin the areas out rather than clearing so that your skin has less stress to deal with. I suppose you could have laser to lessen the darkness of those newly sprouted thick hairs, and then treat them with electrolysis or die them. But if you want permanent results then I’m affraid electrolysis is the answer.
Hope this has been of some help?