Laser for face…YES OR NO?

Hi All,

I have had excessive facial hair (around my chin, neck and sideburns) for about 10 years now. I did laser about 5 years ago and stopped because the hair just grew right back, and maybe even made it worse! I’m wondering if technology has changed in the last few years and that there might be a new LHR machine out there. I understand if it doesn’t permanently remove all the hairs but at least if it just reduces it by a lot long term I’d be extremely happy. The hairs and my skin irritations (from plucking and threading) are so out of control I find it hard to go out and socialize during the day because of it. It’s just been really difficult to handle and I don’t know what to do. I know you will recommend electrolysis but I’ve tried it before and it made me have TERRIBLE bumps for days which to me is even worse then having the hair there.


Are you male or female?

What laser was used what were the settings?

I don’t like laser for facial area. So unpredictable.

Yes, electrolysis is the short road to relief because it offers PERMANENT hair removal, not reduction, when performed by a skilled professional. Bumps for days? So what? If the hair is disabled for a lifetime can you not accept a few days of bumps? Heck, some electrologists are so good with their skill and set up that many clients hardly experience any side effects and if they do, it may only be less than a few days to a week.

Maybe I should not answer questions when I am tired and cranky, but here goes: I can hardly address these bumps and red dot concerns without getting frustrated. Clients need to have a full understanding of what we do. We are “shooting” a target that we cannot see underneath the skin. The skin doesn’t like when it is probed and heated up, so natural consequences happen that we can’t inhibit no matter . There will be TEMPORARY skin manifestations if you want hair disabled forever. If the bumps are terrible, well, I would have to see what you mean by terrible.

You can continue with laser and be on a hamster wheel forever or you can shop around for a skilled electrologist that may be able to offer you less bumps, but don’t expect near perfect skin after a treatment, but do expect it to heal. Electrolysis is a very low risk procedure.