Laser for extremely dark and thick chin?

I currently do electroloysis for most upper body parts. The one problem area is my chin, It has basically 5’0 clock shadow right after I shave. Within 1 day it is already dark, significantly more than my neck. I did a full clearance one time with electrolysis and it took 5 hours, so I cant Imagine how long it would take for significant reduction.

Are there any lasers out there specifically designed for this. I had about 5-6 laser reatments on the chin several years ago with the Candela Gentlelase with little success. The hairs here are just so deep.


If you got full clearance in 5 hours, your next clearance would be a shorter amount of time, and so on. You would see a significant reduction on the second or 3rd full clearance.

PROPER electrolysis care is your best bet to permanently remove this tough hair. It is deep hair. It is also very coarse hair that is androgen driven. It needs to be punched hard. I can imagine what you have and I can see a size 6 probe being used for each and every individual hair using proper levels of intensity and timing in MicroFlash or PicoFlash thermolysis. Blend would work nicely, but the faster modes of thermolysis do, too, so go with the faster way.

You already had work done with a great laser brand. Did you have any shedding at all? Might you have have had new hair follicles come alive after laser reduced most of the follicles that were active when you started? If you are young, then that happens.

Could you go to your profile and type in the signature portion, your age and what you have done so far for the areas you want treated. It is so helpful for us to follow so we don’t have to rummage through 42 posts to see what you are all about. It’s a time saver for us when we try to respond to your unique situation. Please keep the information updated, matt.

James and I can tell you that electrolysis is the sure way to treat your chin, but there is a way to do this that won’t take forever. Some electrologists are on board and know what to do and some are not, preferring to treat small areas for 15 minutes at a time.

My 20 year old son is determined to rid himself of chin and lip hair (he says he doesn’t like to shave - he’s too busy). I have worked on him five times in a period of two years. He has a nice reduction and shaves about once a week. I can pinpoint each hair that I want to take at this point so he gets his wish to not spend time shaving, but he still has some “manly” facial hair. He thinks that electrolysis helped is acne, too. I would say probably, but I also know that he just might have out grown acne.

If you can find a good electrologist that a has a great setup with modern equipment, has re-trained herself/himself, and will work more than 15 minutes on your chin, that would be your best bet to tone down that five o’clock shadow.


Perhaps you have not loked at my web site.
What you see on J. Lamb is one day’s work. Amber Dobiez did 100 hours in 12 months for total completion. (Amber was on the most aggressive schedule, and never missed an appointment.)

What you want to do is easily possible in electrolysis, you just have to have a plan and stick with it. If you can get that full clearance in one day, you need only do the clearances every 4 to 8 weeks. I like working at 6 weeks, myself, if the client doesn’t live in town. If the client is in town, we can work shorter clearances every 3 weeks, and the client can stop shaving almost immediately.

What were the settings used when GentleLASE was used on you? Did you see hair shed within 2-3 wees after each treatment?

You can definitel reduce the density of the hair on your chin with laser. I would recommend an ND:Yag laser and to only go to someone very experienced in treating male beards because they need to overlap properly to avoid patchy results. Yag lasers will only target the coarse hairs and should get rid of the shadow and make it easier to shave in 3-4 treatments spaced about 8 weeks apart when done properly at correct settings.

I honestly don’t know what the settings were. It seemed like the chin area was the only area where the hairs wouldn’t completely shed.

If I tried laser again, patchiness would definitely be a concern.

If you get patchy, electrolysis is always there to even things out, if possible, depending on the degree of patchiness.