Laser for dark olives


I’m a 22 years old male with dark olive skin. I’d like to reduce my beard-line (deep coarse dark hair) at the neck area–clear off most of the neck (hair is darker than skin). I concluded from hairfacts that people with my skin colour should avoid the laser treatment. But a dermatologist told me that the so called ‘gentleYAG’ would work for ppl like me, he even went further and added that it too works fine for the black skin. Is that any true? Will it work without scarring or causing any hyp(e-o)rpegmentations? Is it relatively safe? Or is it all wishful thinking? Could someone please shed light on this?

Thank you

PS. Is there anyone in here with similar skin, done laser treatment and is satisfied? Your input would be truly helpful-thanks!


Kaban: I am presently performing laser hair removal on a black male for beard reduction - he is a Fitzpatrick5-6, very dark skin. We are getting excellent results with our machine, which is a long-pulse NdYag 1064nm. We would not recommend the GentleYag, because it is not a long-pulse Yag, which means you have a greater chance of burning/blistering. Look for a practitioner who has an Altus CoolGlide machine, and one who has a lot of experience working on dark skin types. Keep posting, and let us know what you find. :wink: