Laser + Electrolysis

Been a lurker for a few weeks, absorbing all the info. I see all these posts about people getting either Laser methods or Electrolysis but I havent seen one that discusses both. It seems like laser is faster for reducing the amount of hair in large areas but doesnt always get rid of all the hair. Electrolysis is the opposite, It permanetly gets rid of the hair but its much slower for large areas.

As a guy who unfortunatley has a pretty hairy chest and back I would like to get rid of all the back hair and quite a lot of the chest hair. It seems like a combination of laser first to remove larger amounts of hair followed by electrolysis to remove the stragglers would be ideal. Is there some reason I dont hear about the methods being combined ?


I did hear about the methods being combined. I’ve also attended a presentation of a 90,000 laser appratus, where the salesperson actually recommended it (the combination). He was responding to the question about “permanent hair reduction” which some laser manufacturers are allowed to claim. The question asked was about the difference between “permanent hair removal” associated with electrolysis and “permanent hair reduction”, which the FDA permitted some lasers to claim.

He responded that lasers destroy about 80% of the hair, hence the reduction. And he suggested that the rest can be removed with electrolysis, hence the removal.

Whether or not you believe into his percentages, I think there is more to it than what it looks like.

  1. First off, the laser treatment is faster for a bigger area. But it costs ten-fold, AND you never know how many times you need to come back for the same area to achieve the promised result. I had the misfortune to deal with laser techs. They tell you that you will need 4 treatments. After 10 treatments, they still spread their hands and tell you that you have to keep on coming. Now multiply the cost…

  2. I believe I saw the REAL FDA definition for “reduction” rather than “removal”. You can probably find it on the web without much effort. They tell you what they classify as permanent reduction. According to the FDA it means that some of the hair will not regrow during a normal hair growth cycle (in 4 to 12 months).

I would not exppect the hair to continue its normal cycle because the follicle was damaged by the laser. It’s possible that it coul take longer for the follicle to generate new hair. In this case, what will happen in 18 months? In 24 months? The FDA does not test it.

I know that lasers got very popular lately for a few reasons, including massive ad compains. But I want to meet an ex-laser patient who is smooth 5 years or more after stopping all treatment. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I just want to see it. Is there someone?

I suggest that the person who started this thread should pose this question on the Laser section of this Forum, where you might find some helpful, unbiased help with this intellegent idea.

Well the reason I posted it here is because it seems like electrolysis is the second part of the process I was thinking of. Since I havent read posts of anyone combining the two methods I guess Im asking if any of you Electrolysists have treated someone that did have laser done as a first step ? Were there any additional complications with the skin since it had already gone through the laser process?
Was pitting more common ? Was the treatment as effective as a person that had never undergone laser?

I know the limitations of both laser and electrolysis, and reguardless of what either side says both methods can be rough on the skin. I just want to know if more problems arise when you have them both done.

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A consensus of a few prominent electrologists showed that about 30% of their clients are disappointed ex-laser clients. So this has been done before :smile: However, you must be totally healed from laser before beginning electrolysis.

The only “complication” that I could think about, is that you may experience regrowth from laser after you are done with electrolysis, without even realizing it. Not that it’s a health hazard, but still worthy of your consideration.

Hello Curiosity.

Combining both methods is a wise and intelligent choice if you are a good candidate for both of the methods and have a lot of hair.
Laser may cost more per treatment but it also treats a larger area faster, all be it with most likely lower effectivity.

I have combined both laser and electrolysis and am nearing the end of my routine for the majority of the areas I started treating 17 months ago.

I am due to post a more in depth synopsis of my findings in the near future, I have just been waiting a bit longer to get the ““magical”” 1 year since my last laser treatment time frame to pass (Feb 11, 2003)



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What do you mean by “healed”, how would I know that I am healed from Laser.

I am currentlly undergoing Laser treatments, and once I am done, I was planning on electrolisys. What should I look for in deciding if I healed from electrolysis?

Thank you, polki.

Of course, you shouldn’t have any residual signs of skin reaction. But you will probably need to wait even longer. If I’m not mistaken, they ask for 3 weeks’ time before direct sun exposure after laser. Ask your laser tech for a more accurate time estimate, but I’m guessing that to be safe you may need about a month.