Laser, electrolysis, desperate help!

I am a student away for the semester (until December)
I’m in a warm climate (wishing I could just throw on a bikini like everyone else)
I have found an electrolysis here who has been working on my face (previously started months ago at home) I have also found a Laser place that uses Lightsheer and have had my stomach treated twice (not really seeing results yet, but there is still hope).
Here is my dilemma: I need to do something about my bikini line. I am tired of wearing shorts with a bathing suit and avoiding the beach. I need to make a decision fast, so if you have any advice or warnings, please do tell!!
I have dark hair and light skin and I don’t tan, so supposedly I am a good candidate for laser. For ANYONE who has had lasered their bikini, how long was it before you could get into something without being self concius, was there enough clearance in between sessions? I don’t want to go for laser and to have it take all 4 months before anything sheds (by that time I’ll be home in the snow.
What about having a session of laser then doing electrolysis on the area? Would that be beneficial at all?
I would just wax, but I’m afraid on ingrown hairs, but I have never waxed so I don’t really know what that would result in.

I need to make a decision fast, I’m open to any suggestion. None of my family or friends are hairy so I have no one here to ask

Ok, still no replies.

If you have had laser (preferably light sheer) or electrolysis on your bikini line and were happy with it or not happy with it, please respond.