Laser & Electrolysis At the Same Time?

I’ve had two laser treatments on my underarms and bikini area (going for my third next week). I’m probably about a II-III on the Fitzpatrick scale and have been using a Yag. I know it’s not the BEST laser to use on my skin type, but I’m seeing good results so far and I’m incredibly comfortable with my tech. Presently I’d say only about 50% of the hair has grown back. We’ll see what my long term results are…

Until I started the laser I didn’t realize just how much blonde hair I have in those areas. The majority of it is dark and is reacting to the laser, but we all know that it won’t do a thing for the blonde hairs. (There’s probably 1 blonde hair to every 20 dark). I’d like to have electrolysis done to the blonde hair to get rid of that, but is it safe to do it at the same time as the laser? Could I go for laser one week and electrolysis the next? I’d be sure to to tell the tech not to touch the dark hair and only treat the blonde so I’m not wasting any time and money…

Also, anyone know of a good electrologist in the Milwaukee, WI area?

Thanks in advance. I’ve been lurking for some time and have learned a lot from you guys.

The two really can’t be conducted at the same time. Lasering requires the hair to be shaved, and electrolysis needs some length for the Electrologist to work. So there’s the growth problem. Next, that would be a high degree of irritation on the skin. My guess is that the electrologist would want some sort of time delay to deem the area ‘safe to treat’ to avoid complications.

You’re also dealing with the whole available hair issue. Laser treatments induce your hair to shed. Whether it’s permanent or not, who knows. If the hairs weren’t permanently removed/destroyed, it could take them weeks or months to grow back. Thus, the electrologist misses the opportunity to have a chance at them.


I would wait until you’re done with your laser treatments. You will probably need to finish up with electrolysis in the very fine sparse hairs that will remain anyways, which is when the electrologist will be able to get the blond ones too. I’m actually finishing up with electro on that exact area right now as well. Especially a Yag won’t be able to get the very fine hairs after a certain point. At the same time, as Mantaray pointed out, there is the synchronization of growth phases. It could be pointless to do electrolysis on some blond hairs because the electrologist would have a very hard time determining which hairs are in the right growth phase. Also, the irritation is a factor. I would wait until you’re done. You’re shaving now anyways for laser, and blond hairs are not that visible. Plus, you’ll get more for your time and money when you’re treating everything that’s left at the end altogether.

Darn… Guess I’ll wait then. Thanks!