Laser electrolysis am confused

I am dark skin african american female i have had ingrown hair under my skin hereditary r hormone whichever. i have been to a dermatologist over a mth now who suggested laser…is this going to get rid of it for good I am very fustrated

For 100% full Permanent Hair Removal of all hairs, selective down to the last one that you want, and even leaving ones you may want, Electrolysis is the way to go.

Most doctors suggest Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation because they know little about Electrolysis, and have had more LASER systems marketed to them, and are more likely to have a LASER in their office, and, or know other doctors who do.

I have even talked to doctors who knew so little about what Electrologists do, that they thought that what we do is to prod the skin, release treatment energy, and let the hair fall out on its own. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about electrolysis knows better than that.

What LASER will give you is some range of hair reduction over an unspecified period of time, and we have to hope that the changes in your skin’s surface and color are not unacceptable to you when you are done. It should be pointed out, however, that for many people, Electrolysis would cost as much or less, and have better results.

In any case, practitioner skill is the paramount importance when getting either Electrolysis or LASER.

laser works best on light skin and dark hair. darker skinned patients have to be a lot more careful and it will take longer to achieve results. it’s also very important to find an experienced technician to avoid burns that can occur from setting the settings too high on darker skin tones.

you should only be using an ND: Yag laser if you decide to go through with it, which is specifically made for darker skin types. also, have a few consultations at different places and compare. most people find it’s best to do laser at first to get rid of the majority of hair, and then finish up with eletrolysis for whatever sparse hairs are left.

good luck