laser dukes it out with thermolysis

After years of plucking, I’ve just returned from my first electrolysis appt. It was at an upscale chain that operates in the Midwest and performs laser, electrolysis and other skin services, like microdermabrasion. I very much liked the woman who worked on me, but I wonder what other electrologists think about her (and her manager’s) encouragement to try laser instead.

The electrologist seemed very experienced (30 years under her belt, apparently) and my very pale, sensitive skin is only slightly red and swollen an hour after the 1/2 hour thermolysis treatment.

However, both she and her manager said that laser might be better for my coarse hair and that electrolysis would take an average of 6 treatments per hair follicle (!)to permanently destroy the root. That’s per hair follicle, not 6 treatments to clear the chin. She also said that shaving in between treatments is verboten (it stimulates the roots, apparently) whereas shaving with laser is fine.

She wants me to come back in a week because she said many of the hairs were too short for her to get. I’m a little discouraged by the electrologist’s tendency to push laser as a faster method over electrolysis, which I decided to do after MUCH research into both(including this board’s topics, thanks!).
Do you think they’re just trying to sell their other method because it’s newer and shinier or should I take their advice?

There is a chance that these ladies are trying to do what is best for your particular situation (pale skin dark hair???) by encouraging and promoting laser. However, there is also a chance they have a lease to pay on the laser they acquired and need paying customers to meet those payments. How long have they had the laser and what kind of laser is it? Just curious.

You have already done your careful research on both methods and settled on a permanent course, albeit, a slower course. Your skin reaction sounds reasonable after your first treatment and it sounds like you like your electrologist who has 30 years of experience.

I have not found it necessary to treat very many hair follicles six times. In reality, that’s hard to gauge with scientific accuracy, so I have to question that statement. There is a breaking down process with coarse, thick, deep hair especially repeatedly plucked hair on the face. Personally, I find that the blend method works best for me, as an electologist, to eliminate drastically the number of times a hair has to be re-treated.

Shaving does not stimulate the roots. Shaving removes the visible “dead” hair above the surface of the skin. This is knowledge every electrologist knows as fact. No debate needed.

Laser MAY disable a lot of hair follicles at once which is very attractive to busy people like yourself. I stress the word "may’ because there are some successes and some failures. It’s your call, it’s your money.

Follow the information you have acquired and follow your intuition as to what is best for you and you’ll sort out what path will lead to a better and permanent hair removal journey for you.


Forgot to mention this post on the laser side:;f=43;t=000941


I have a hard time understanding how you can let this person treat you, if you don’t trust them. If there is, in fact, a motive for them to recommend something (LASER) to you that will make them money without providing you with the best service possible, then why not assume that when they perform Electrology on you they will purposely undertreat you or “tweeze” in order to prolong your patronage. I’m saying where do you draw the line once you start to speculate about them trying to essentially rip you off? Where do you see this relationship going, because believe me, Long term hair removal is a relationship between patient and practitioner.

30 min. of electrolysis is approx. $30 - $50, when 30 min. of laser can cost a few hundred. Laser is also much easier to do then electrolysis. Can you see why they’re trying to sway you towards laser? This is almost a given in places that do both.

I learned to stay away from people who show you their dishonesty upfront. But if you’re getting good treatment that conforms to standards discussed on this forum you may find it worthwile to continue the treatments. Still, it’s always good to try other practitioners in your area to compare.

Good luck!