laser disrupt hair cycles

does anybody know if lhr effects the length of hair or the regular growth cycles?
i have hair in lhr treated areas, which are longer then normal and seem to skip the fall out stage.
does anyone know anything about the effect long or short term lhr has on the growth cycles?

has anyone else experienced this?

i think i may have already asked this in a previous post.

thanx yall

what do you mean some hair skip the shedding stage? if an area was treated, and some hair fell out, whetever remains are spots that the technician missed. so that hair will continue growing as usual. some places offer touchups for that missed hair 3 weeks after treatment or so.

what i mean is… it seems like some hairs have skipped the telogen stage of the normal hair cycle (after having lhr). they keep growing longer instead of falling out.

i hope this makes sense.

whatever is growing and not falling out within 3 weeks are just hairs that were missed during your treatment. hairs don’t skip stages

Lagirl, I don’t think he is talking about hairs being missed by the laser, he’s talking about hairs that were treated by the laser, shed, and then grew back. He’s saying that these hairs that grew back after being treated and after shedding are longer than they used to be. I agree with him, I do have some hairs on my chest which are thin but are very, very long. It is kind of weird.

thank you david. yes, that is exactly what i mean. by the way, im not a he im a she.

ah, i see what you’re talking about. wasn’t clear in the post. i guess for me it would be hard to tell if those hairs grew in longer than what they were before since the areas I’m treating have always been kept “shortened” by hair removal methods etc, so there haven’t been very long periods where I just let it grow and see how long they would get if I never touched them. I didn’t notice this phenomenon on the abdomen though which I haven’t touched before laser.

Hey Davidkafrick, are the thinn but very long hairs on your chest just a few? So the other hairs grow normal?
I think that fine hair at the nape of my neck also has started to grow longer than before.
But a thing I have noticed, at least with my own hair, is that when they were very coarse before IPL treatments they curled when they grew long så you wouldn’t notice how long they actually are - and I talk about the hairs on my chest, back and legs. But now when my hairs have become fine they are too weak to curl like that.