laser consultation

Today I had a laser consultation at a day spa. A M.D. does the procedure. They charged me $50 for a test patch. I am skin type 111 with brown arm hair. The laser they use is the Candela Alexandrite. They set the fluence at first at 10J, then at 12J and finally at 14J. The skin was hardly red at that fluence but he said that is what he would use. The charge for the entire arms would be $850 which I thought was high since he said I didn’t have too much hair and I didn’t need to shave it before the treatment because is was fine textured, I was surprised at that. What he said was the laser he uses is the most effective laser. I have read many post stating that the diode lightsheer is the best. When I mentioned that laser to him he said his was better for my skin type. Does anyone know if the diode laser is more effective and does $850 per session sound high? Also 14J isn’t that an extremely low fluence? He said 4-6 session would be enough and I told him that I heard up to 10. He said it shouldn’t take anyone up to that many sessions. He scheduled me for next Wednesday. I would like to know more about the diode laser first before jumping into anything and more info on the fluence?

That is a very low fluence. I would not expect any permanent hair reduction at that setting.

From my experience, Lightsheer works better on fine hairs.

If I were you I would look at some other practitioners. Many people here have had disappointing results with the Gentlelase.


The price seems outrageous. My practitioner charges $225 per session for both arms, with treatment from the Lightsheer laser.