Laser Beard Sculpting in San francisco

Hi, thank you for reading this. I am trying to define my upper cheeks. I have had a few treatments done with a gentleyag, the problem is that the technician at the place that I went to didn’t keep the two sides symmetrical. The gentleyag works well on my face especially considering my skin tone, I am a light tone 5. I would really appreciate your help if you could refer me to a place that has this machine and is experienced with beard reshaping. I am near the San Francisco area, Right now I kind of look like a moron, but think that this should be an easy fix, and I would like to find a technician that knows what the hell it is that they are doing. Thank you

At this stage to be absolutely sure of results, electrolysis is the answer. Laser can’t be “specific” as far as symmetry goes. The laser is just attracted to ANY dark hairs, indiscriminately.

It’s probably not the technician (although they probably should have warned you that you wouldn’t get symmetry).

Even an electrologist will not be able to achieve perfect symmetry - people aren’t symmetrical. But they’ll do a much better job than a laser at this point. Goodluck.

I am not looking for perfect symmetry, i would just like to get even shedding on the straight lines that I had drawn over my beard line. Laser is more or less a temporary thing, the hair always grows back, even if it takes a while for it to do so. Electrolysis is permanent. I want to stay away from that unless I absolutely have no other choice. The technician that i went to was using a white crumpled up tissue paper to block out the laser past the drawn line, I should have stopped her right then and there, but thought she knew what she as doing, big mistake on my part. So please anyone that knows of a good clinic, chime in if you can. Thanks

the hair always grows back, even if it takes a while for it to do so.

Fortunately or unfortunately for however you see it, that’s far from true. It’s certainly permanent if the proper settings are used on the right type of hair.

I’m a bit confused over what you’re asking. You’re not happy that your laser technician didn’t make it symmetric and then you say you’re not wanting symmetry. In general for shaping, electrolysis is better because you can remove the hairs necessary for it to give a proper shape or even thin out an area. It can be done with laser but it’s quite a bit harder.

I am not looking for perfect symmetry, but the laser technician that zapped me, missed spots, and couldn’t follow the straight line that I had drawn on my face. Instead of using a hard straight edge, like a stencil, or white tape, to block the laser out of areas that weren’t supposed to be hit, she used a crumpled up tissue paper. She hit hair below the line, and left a lot on the other side untouched.I don’t wanna go to an electrologist, I just want to find a competent Laser technician that can follow a straight line, and not mutilate my face any further. A yag is more of a a hair reduction machine, the hair eventually always comes back, and because of my skin tone, they can’t use high enough settings to permanently disable the follicle. I know this first hand, the highest setting that I can be treated at is 18joules, 10ms, 18 spot size. My skin cant handle anything more.

using laser for this is like using a bulldozer to pull a weed.It’ts highly indiscriminatory as others have suggested. Sorry you dont like electrolysis, because it it the right tool for the job.


I just don’t want to switch in the middle of treatment. The rest of the hair is gonna come back thinner, its not permanently gone, I would be happy with thinned out hair above this line. If I get electrolysis done on some of the hair, they are gonna be gone forever, and the rest of the hair is gonna be unaffected. Sounds like an even bigger nightmare than what I am dealing with right now.

I mean how hard can this be, put a white stencil on my face with a straight edge and zap away. Its not rocket science, the woman kept moving the crumpled piece of tissue around with ever zap, and it obviously came out zig zag. She was a complete moron for doing it and me for not stopping her.

Please help me find a good clinic in the San fran area that does beard shaping. Thank you.

Someone mentioned a place called Aura Skin Spa on the forum before. You could check them out

I have a consultation scheduled with city laser clinic. They have 150 reviews on yelp, and they have a gentleyag. Thanks for your help