Laser Beard Reduction

I had laser on my beard with GentleYag 15mm/30J and pulse width 10ms. Now 4 weeks later almost all hair is gone. I don’t have patches on my face, witch means they overlap well. I do not want to be completely hairless on my face, just an even reduction. Should I stop now, or I should go for another treatment soon. Can I “wait and see” the actual reduction when the new hair grows up, or this will mess up the hair cycles. I am afraid not to remove too much, because there is no way back. Is one treatment enough for an even reduction?

Wait for it to grow back. Well it’s a good thing your hair has shed as that is what is meant to happen. Let it grow back, I’d say don’t shave for a month just trim and you will be able to judge it, however growth maybe stunted so may require longer period to get true bearing on what reduction you have had.

You only treated hair in one cycle of growth. I would wait until the hair from the new cycle grows in (8-10 weeks), then do another treatment. I would wait longer after the second treatment and reassess at that point. Most people need at least 3 treatments for a good reduction (6-8 treatments for full removal).

Thanks for your reply
I will take the wait and see approach, as you both suggested. I also red here somewhere that the beard has much more hair in anagen stage (70-80%). So time will show I guess. Thanks