laser and waxing

I have a question. I started laser treatments to remove hair above my upper lip. I have had two different people at the business tell me two different things. One said it was okay to wax and tweeze in between visits as long as I stop at least two weeks prior to my laser treatment. Someone else told me the opposite. That I could shave (I have never done that)but no waxing or tweezing at all. This disturbed me since I distinctly asked when signing up if I could wax inbetween and upon hearing yes with conditions I replied, “thank goodness cuz there is no way I can go that long without waxing.” Any thoughts?

Since any hair that is plucked (and waxing is a form of plucking) can not be treated, your practitioner is hoping to be able to treat the most hairs so that you get the maximum treatment possible. The other person is telling you what you could do to safely do what is believed you want to do, and probably will do anyway, no matter what you are told.

Just keep in mind that while shaving leaves hairs available for treatment, waxing eliminates the possibility for treatment, and you will end up having hair in the treatment area for a longer time, and need even more treatments than you would otherwise. Now the choice is yours on how you wish to work this one.

You can wax, but not at least two weeks prior to the treatment. To be on a safe side check, if most of the hair is braking the skin, if it not you would have to delay the treatment.