laser and waxing

I am currently saving up for permanent hair removal (laser), and have never waxed before. I was wondering if waxing now will make it harder to treat hairs in the future. I have heard it said that waxing hair makes the root go deeper and stronger in response to the trauma, hence making it more difficult to treat the hair with laser.



Before you do a laser treatment you will not be able to pluck or wax the area for at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment. This allows for full growth of the hair. You can shave or clip the hair with scissors.

At first I was hesitant about this but the results for me were worth it. Good Luck.


I was getting plasmalite, but was pretty much ripped off due to the poor level of treatment I received (i.e wrong settings, rush jobs)! I am now in the process of saving up for lightsheer, I know I’ll need to let it grow six months prior to the treatment, but whilst I’m saving up would it be O.K to wax? As I’ve said I’ve heard it makes the hair more stuborn. Or is this a myth?


Matty: it is perfect fine to wax, but when you are finally ready for treatment, you must schedule your first treatment for the time when you are due to be waxed - that way you will be getting actively growing hairs treated. Waxing does not make the laser treatment more difficult - the follicles are the same regardless of whether they are waxed or not, but hair growth must be evident in order to be treated by laser. Once you start laser treatment, you cannot wax, you must shave the area instead. I hope this clears things up - good luck! :smile:

Thanks for the help! Time to get waxing then!