Laser and Veins.

Does Laser Hair Removal affects veins? I’m being trated with LightSheer and I’m concerned that it may affect my veins.
Can it and how?
Thanx in advance.

The light energy only penetrates a few millimeters so in short some of the energy can or is absorbed by the veins close to the skin surface. As these veins are small superficial veins any possible damage to them from high energy levels should be short term. Also if a vein was fully damaged it will just be reabsorbed by the body and new veins will grow in to replace it.
This is why they can use the Light Sheer to remove small spider veins that are close to the surface. By damaging the distorted spider veins they are forcing the body to replace them with new non-distorted ones.

I have had treatments with the Light Sheer over the majority of my body and never had any issues with my veins or even the tiny capillaries.