laser and tanning

Hi- I have recently started using a tanning bed for a skin condition. I know some lasers can be used on tanmned skin, but my tech. doesn’t want to treat the tanned area. Any thoughts?

It’s a bit of wasting money and risking yourself to get lasered on tanned area. Try to get rid of the tan first before Laser hair removal.


You should stay out of the sun, especially after laser treatments. I believe it can cause hyperpigmentation or such? That was the advice I was given when I had it done on my face.


You have to be careful with laser and tanning.

I recommend not getting any sun for about a week beforetreatment and about two weeks after. I also strongly recommend sunblock for at least two weeks as well.

These are just guidelines and you shold consult with your dermatologist or their on-staff medical supervisor if you have concerns.

If you follow Andreas guidelines, you can probably try a Nd:YAG laser. It works best on tanned skin.

I am an avid sun worshipper, and I cannot get laser treatments in the summer. I made the sacrifice to cut back on my tanning, two months less per year, so I can fit in more laser treatments. It was well worth the sacrifice IMHO.


I was supposed to go for a patch test the other day. When I arrived she took one look at me and said “sorry, we can’t treat someone who is tanned.” I believe she said it was because it could cause/increase the risk of burns and blisters. She said I had to wait about 6 weeks from my last day in the sun. I was disappointed because I was all psyched up and ready to go, but obviously I was happy that she chose to decline treating me rather than treating me and me ending up with burns.

When I was treated with the Apogee Alexandrite laser, I went in December for a treatment and I was still too tan. I had to wait two more months for my tan to fade. I had to wait 3 months total after my last sun exposure.

With the newer Nd:YAG lasers I only have to wait a month after my last sun exposure to get treated.


Keep in mind that the manufacturers of these machines say in their literature, “Avoid exposure to the sun for at least six weeks after treatment.”